Mount Speed Consistency

  • I don't understand why the default mount (sword mount) gives you 80% fly/ground speed but the horse mount (the next one you get) is only 70% ground. If it was like World of Warcraft where flying will be faster, then I could understand; however, that definitely isn't the intention behind it.

    Additionally the masked panda mount is only 30% ground speed. ?(

    Could we have some consistency to mount speed?

  • To be honest, it's not illogical.

    When i played on beta, i was thinking that the flying sword we had at start... we shouldnt have it before max level, and i think the game was design for this.

    And then you level up lvl 20, you have your first mount, the 70% horse, then you up 37, and you have 80% ground & flying.

    And the panda is just a funny mount to use to slack.

    What i find illogical is the fact we have flying mount before ground one.

  • Zhirelia

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