Color spam in chat

  • Hello, have you asked the developers if they could please add a very simple option to turn off the chat colorization of player names based on their class ?

    For example, the color red is incredibly eye catching. That's why I always assign it to the whisper channel in MMOs. But in this game 25% of all lines in the chat window contain the red color, because they were said by spearmasters. In fact there are all colors of the rainbow, which is annoying as well.

    Why is every little minor detail in the UI customizable, and this super-important thing isn't?

    Why are the names colorized by class? Who needs to identify that immediately by color? If they are so curious, they can hover the mouse over the name and find out their class in a tooltip.

    It's incredibly distracting and annoying. Just like spam.

    On a related note, the same applies to the flashing pictures that people can post in chat. I'd like to be able to filter those spammy things out as well.

    Thank you.

  • Zhirelia

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  • And before someone responds with the obligatory "Just turn off global World channel": That typical advice is the same as telling someone to close his or her email account because they are getting spammed. Also, I actually do NOT want to turn off the global World channel. I want to read what people write in the global chat without being color-spammed and flashy-emoticon-spammed. Thank you.

  • I agree, I wish there were more options to customize the chat so that it doesn't always look like a disco going off in the bottom corner of my screen. I ignore it about 98% of the time because you just can't read it. Which makes it real hard to be social.

  • I said about this in my feedback thread and I am definitely on this, but as there was nothing said from the beta, I doubt they will look into this.

    I provided the feedback after beta 1 too, but I am providing it again now, as they haven't done anything about it. And I will be requesting the change until they do something about it. I can be pretty persistent. ;)