Gold farmers - how is GF going to handle this?

  • Let's be honest, I have already seen people with 15K+ gold. If you think it is not buying from someone else using irl money please let me know the trick.

    Report them if you know who they are, it's just as much the community's responsibility to police RMT as it is Gameforge's, that is, if you want a game to survive. It's not "telling tales", it's getting rid of those who break the rules.

  • Let's be honest, I have already seen people with 15K+ gold. If you think it is not buying from someone else using irl money please let me know the trick.

    Step 1. Have no life.

    Step 2. Make 5 chars and do every single quest/biography.

    Step 3. Do every single daily/weekly on every single char.

    Step 4. Mail all your gold to one char.

    Step 5 (Optional). Delete a character and make a new one. Do every single quest again and mail the gold to your main.

    Step 6 (Optional). Get your whole guild to do the same and mail you all their gold.

    Step 7. Repeat previous steps until you are satisfied with your gold count :D

  • or just sell crimson coins against gold ingame.

  • Isn't this theoretically "pay to win" (or at least progress)? x:

  • Gold though isn't really tied to progression that much. Yeah things cost gold, but they cost very reasonable amounts of gold.

    To be honest, I'm not quite sure what one would do with large amounts of gold.

  • For active players are golds not that needed ... You are hard limited with PvP currencies (just for example).

    Ofc, for some achievements hunters its great, they can buy everything in shops, but songs, avatars, frames, etc. have no impact to game.
    I am just curious if those crimson coins sellers dont want golds for future gold selling, but who knows :)

  • I'm wondering why GF require screenshots of goldsellers (the real ones, not the Crimson to gold ones), isn't right clicking and reporting enough? If it isn't enough, then goldsellers are going to run rampant, because why should we take the time to do a screenshot, upload it to another site, then contact support (separate it's not "easy"). I know I've said it's up to Community to report stuff to GF, but GF need to make things like reporting goldsellers an easy thing to do as it's in their interests.

    I reported a couple of them yesterday by the right click method, and thought that was the end of it, if fussing about with screenshots is necessary I won't bother.

  • I have to agree with Rosy, let's not make it hard for us to report them, but let's make it hard for them to sell in game. Even the loading screens between regions warn us about it!

    For the last week, i seen a increase of goldsellers in game and I am bit worried how much more this will increase as the game get's more features like raids etc.

  • Its optional for us to report it, in my honest opinion. Even though I do.

    Its not optional for GF to do nothing about it. For that you have moderators. Should be very well possible to mark certain things being said in the chat and act accordingly. Being an ex Multi Hunter (Game Admin) from another game, I am pretty sure you can see just about everything and anything happening in the game. This includes large amounts of gold being transferred across accounts.

    Its up GF to fix it. Or bare the consequence of people just leaving.

  • There are guys that have started selling "boosts" in game and directing players to their discord servers too. Sellers do this in World of Warcraft in a similar fashion, but when the player gets on their discord servers the boosts are sold for real cash not game currency.

    I can't see how selling a service like a "boost" would be against the ToS. A person is selling their time helping another player, not in-game items or currency. CC-to-Gold and vice-versa sales are apparently allowed. So the only type of "gold selling" I can see being flat-out against the ToS is in-game gold for RL cash. Is there any evidence that GF is NOT doing something about this?

    I do agree that using the in-game reporting options should be enough and players should not have to send screenshots.