Live stream: Summer event and the first raid

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    It's that special time again: With our first big post-release update comes our first post-release live stream! Join us on Wednesday to go over the features of the upcoming summer event, as well as take a first look at the Jade Palace raid following in the update after the summer event patch.

    When? Simply hop into our live stream at 9 PM CEST on July 21st (3 PM EDT, 12 PM PDT):

    Game Designer "Atmorph" will be joined by Quality Assurance Specialist "Baldrov" to take a closer look at the activities coming to the game with our first big event. Should you still have open questions around the Battle Pass, which finds its way into the game in the same update, this is also the perfect stream to ask those.

    After all that, if time allows it, the two will face off against the gruesome foes of the Jade Palace - SOLO's first raid, featuring 6 boss encounters.

    Plus, we’re not only on Twitch! You can also follow the stream on YouTube and our Steampage.

    Note: The stream will only be available in English – enjoy!

    See you there!

    The SOLO Team