Guide to Guilds - Banquet (PVX)

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    Please note that this article has been translated and things are subject to change for the official release of Swords of Legend Online for NA/EU. I have marked things that I am unsure about / non-finalised names in Red.

    Basic Introduction:

    This activity allows guild members to work together to create a banquet, allowing members of the guild to take servings of food to use throughout their journeys.


    • The Banquet Guild Bonus must be activated by the guild chairman before you can access this content.
    • You need Fish ingredients, details on how to obtain this will be provided in an update to this article nearer release.
    • The duration for this event lasts for 2 hours once chairman of the guild activates it.

    How to Play:

    Members of the guild can talk to the administrator of Buyunzhou Guild [Ding Zebei] (27, -68),and turn in fish ingredients. Each fish increases the progress of the Banquet by 2 points.


    Members of the guild can check the progress of the banquet in the task list for the guild. When the progress reaches 150 points, the chairman of the guild can start the banquet. Once the banquet begins, each member of the guild can talk to the administrator of Buyunzhou Guild [Ding Zebei] (27, -68), and directly obtain 2 servings from the banquet.