Thousand Leaf Pearl???

  • hi so ive been travelling around zhongnam foothills for days and cannot seem to find the thousand leaf pearl that is needed to craft the healing 1 (student). i have looked everywhere and have not found any to get my heal pot back.....any idea where this stuff is? when holding alt over it in the qiankun bag it sayes its in the foothills. but all i seem to find is bamboo and fire red crystals....

  • Zhirelia

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  • It's definitely there as I unlocked the Gather 30x Thousand Leaf Pearls achievement. I always scour sides/tops of border mountains doing a complete pass around the entire perimeter, then slowly moving toward the center of the zone in a full sweep. Takes a while, but I guess I've found 'em. Good luck!

  • There are 20+ spawns all across the northern part of the map.

    Keep in mind that they are white nodes so they only spawn once per week per player,
    The elixirs are tradable and so are the resources once you get crafting lvl 3. In general, you are only meant to use elixirs in an emergency or for very hard content as one use of a healing elixir is worth 3 gold or so (just a guess, need to check the actual market prices)