Game of Eternity - card game

  • Zhirelia

    Added the Label Game
  • Basically, it's a game where you have to match cards to create combos and win by having the points. The combos are composed of 2 to 7(?) cards and reward from 4 to 80 points. Some(?) of the combos are shown by hovering over the card. Some cards are part of multiple combos and are not exclusive to one combo.

    For in-depth mechanics, you should know that a card default value is 2 while a gold card is 4. You also have access to rare cards (14) that will be swapped with the original when you have them in your hand. These cards have different skills that either increase a card value, reveal the opponent's cards at random, deactivate the opponent's skills or other effects (like draw probability...).

    This is one of the of main reason why people get their ass beaten by the normal/hard bots.

    While playing, you will have the possibility to swap one card in your hand per turn (12 chances) with a card in the draw stack (your swapped card will go in the draw stack). The swap is cancellable but will use one of your chances.

    There are some other rules I'm not certain about card swapping, but you should know that for a character card, there will only be character in the choice list. Same with accessories, swords(?), cities(?) and places.