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  • Hello everyone,

    I removed the URL and will close this thread.

    The reason is that many complaints about this wiki arrived.

    Please don't missunderstand me; actually it's a good idea which I personally also like.

    It's a chance for everyone to contribute their knowledge; a "from the community for the community" thing - that's what I wish for.

    Although we (Gameforge) aren't responsible for the wiki we still decided to react to the complaints.

    We don't want to support those who aren't willing to react to complaints such as stolen content or don't giving credits ...

    besides of the accounts which seems to be created only for given (mostly) positive comments - that left a bitter aftertaste afterall.

    If you don't agree with that decision you can of course write me a PM.

    - Closed -

  • Throwing a quick additional comment in here since some confusion reached us about the whole wiki topic and how serious / permanent our verdict here is:

    Generally we're more than happy to re-open the thread and host the link again once the aforementioned issues have been adressed. A player-run wiki can be a great resource, as Zhi says, and we're hoping it to be that resource for new and old players alike, after these starting kinks have been ironed out.

    For the time being we're in active communication with the wiki admins about how we can resolve the claims brought forth.

    In the meantime we'd kindly ask you not to attack, berate or harass anybody working on that wiki.

    That seems like a childish waste of your and their time, that could be much better used on something more productive.

    Stay positive and love each other and all of that, it's a surprisingly healthy lifestyle.

  • As our immediate concerns were adressed, we've reopened the thread and re-added the link.

    If anyone else should have any, please reach out to us directly (not in this thread).

    Beyond that, enjoy the wiki and happy contributing!

  • Wiki is back on the menu!

    Hundreds of more articles since we made this post! Amount of daily visitors and people involved is rising constantly!

    Admin of Swords of Legends Online Wiki

    Proud father<3

    Good vibes only:P

  • Nice initiative. I did the same for BDO but, alas no contrib and the wiki is dying.

    So, guys, contribute to this one :)

    There is a tool inside the solo DIR that can explore the whole datas, but... in chinese. If someone is pretty good in this language, it would be a strong source to enhance the wiki.

    I've stopped the development, but I still have the dokuwiki engine I could share if needed (no sql, not needed).

    PM me if you are curious.