An Immortal Summer

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    Even immortal heroes need to cool off sometimes, and this event is where the warriors of Shenzhou can meet up at the beach on Dragon Turtle Island to compete and celebrate.

    During this summer event you can take part in daily quests and activities. Be rewarded with stylish swimwear which you can also wear outside the event area and that lasts for 6 months.

    The daily quests and activities will run from 22/7 (6 AM server time) until 2/9 (6 AM server time) and are open to all players who have reached Beginner level 18.



    The Dragon Turtle Beach Party

    A beach festival with exciting activities will take place on Dragon Turtle Island. Talk to Xi Guamiao in Cloudrise, take part in the summer event quest and travel to Dragon Turtle Island by walking through the portal:


    From 22/7/2021 until 2/9/2021

    The melon plant bears treasured fruits which are just as sweet as they are fragrant. You merely have to wear one on your belt to enchant people with its scent. So cultivate your own watermelon plant by sowing seeds:

    Xi Guamiao in Cloudrise will send you back to the Dragon Turtle beach to see his sister Gajun. She will sell you everything you need for cultivation.

    Use the Ice Dew Drops from the Ice Dew Flask and the Earth of Life in your inventory to water the melon seedlings daily. If your friends help you, it speeds up the growth rate. As soon as the seedlings are fully grown, they will grant you a reward.

    Is there a little gardener inside you?

    Take on daily challenges and prove you have a green thumb – if you water 3 seedlings daily (including those of your friends) you’ll be rewarded with the Smooth Jade Pearl in the end!


    Through the clouds into the storm

    From 22/7/2021 until 5/8/2021

    Go to Xia Youyou and you can take part in a fun and relaxing activity either on your own, as a pair or in a team (from gear level 40) – try to run through as many cooling balls as possible. The more you get, the more points you receive. Your reward (gold and shell coins to exchange) depends on how many points you earn.

    Set off (daily from 6 PM until 1 AM) spectacular fireworks consisting of 10 individual fireworks and stand in awe of the colourful display. You receive additional shell coins for your participation.

    Buried treasure

    From 5/8/2021 until 19/8/2021

    There’s a treasure buried on Dragon Turtle Island! Speak with Gajun to purchase a Lianjin Ball. You’ll then get a sand shovel and have to locate the secret treasure. The Lianjin Ball will show you the way. The closer you dig to the hidden treasure, the better your reward. You can also get a rare reward!

    You can also collect 10 shells on the beach (daily from 6 PM to 1 AM) and rake in additional shell coins. With some luck, you can also find a special shell which will grant you a wish. Return on the following day to receive another reward!

    Even more action

    Additional exciting activities will be coming later in August – more about that in our next announcement. Be on the lookout so you don’t miss out!