Gameforge login ticket is invalid or has expired error message

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  • Hello, now after long time awaited I'm try to enter the game but after I select the server (Europe) hi get me some error what's its the problem ? I try to make another new account and his get me a new problem, like You dont have an account on this game, try first to create a game account. Please someone Help Me !!!

  • Error

    Are you facing the same error?
    Swapping to mobile internet fixes this issue for me (but not ideal ofc).
    Not sure what is going on anymore, was able to login yesterday :l Raised a support ticket and hoping for the best.

    Hope they don't RIP my account like they did with Soulworkers.

  • Thank you so much for idea, but i try that only when arive at home. I try and coming with a response.