Post-Launch suggestions

  • Hi

    Back again to add some more suggestions and feedback after playing both betas and playing the game since launch.

    1. Dungeons allow running - I'm not sure why they don't let you run in the dungeons but sometimes it's just too slow to walk to the rest of the team when you respawn from death. Would be very convenient to be able to run inside the dungeons.
    2. Dungeon queue cooldowns - you get punished for cancelling even if you didn't teleport to the dungeon yet... i sometimes do personal matchmaking for a dungeon then queue ready spawns and you noticed you're the only one so most likely it's one of those dungeons where the party already started or almost finished the dungeon so I cancel it because I wanted to do the whole dungeon and not the secret boss or the last boss but then I can't queue again because of the penalty is 4 minutes. You should give an option to be able to choose not to queue for already started dungeons.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Zhirelia

    Added the Label Dungeons & Raids