Please fix your broken battle of continent queue

  • I just made my account for this post, also this is 2021, please stop using the forum for suggestion and utilize discord more. make a suggestion channel with vote system.

    Back to the topic. Please fix your broken battle of continent queue. Stop queueing random group into a pre-made guild run. running into the same pre-made guild back to back in this mode, most people afked when they see a guild run on the opposite side, it is just painful to play. Don't let pvp die here like it did in CN server, you are slowly turning people away from pvp through this awful experience.

    Either make it 3 or 5 people group only queue, or block a window for guild run only or if Zhulong is smart enough, optimize the queue so this 20 men pre-made group queue is not going against random pugs. When a mode starts to be a painful chores, either delete the mode or make it better.

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  • I agree, actually I love pvping but after having to play againts premade teams 3 times in a row just ruined my mood to keep playing. It ruins experience tbh. Hope they do something about it.

  • The funny thing is, when I am queueing alone, I run into premades 5-7/10 games, yet when I am in a premade we only run into other premades 1-2/10 games. I am currently Dragon Thunder 3. It's like they intentionally match soloers into premades LOL.

  • well at this point, I already quit this game, dailies felt like too repetitive already, had nothing else to do, and PvP which is the core for me was blatantly unbalanced, as ex Spearmaster, being kited, stunned and burst to death on3v3 is not fun. It was frustrating + Ping and FPS drops, maybe in a couple of years if game still Exists, ill be back to try it again.

  • Oh well, this is so true.
    Im a pvp player i spend like all my time in games in pvp, battlegrounds and such, but not in this game, this que is so bad made, that i dont want to spend my time anymore for this “best que ever” Its takes u ~2 hours to do this daily and i haven’t this time only for 1 stupid quest.

    They MUST fix this premade que staff for real, or do at least like in some of other games : let ppl que with 1-3 ppl group, and from 20 till 22 u can que with 5 ppl team, or from 20 till 23, whatever, but not all the time.

  • its not only battle of continents, sometimes even on land of emerald or garden of blades i get queu times from over 30 minutes. while for land of emerald as its an event and not everyone does the weekly i can understand that i dont see why it should happen on 3v3. especially if you just end up fighting bots or stronger enemys the. sometimes after this long queus i just get 3k+ pvp rank enemies while im sitting on 2,2k