Game is dying a slow death

  • Honestly I think Gameforge needs to do something about the price of the game, all they have to do is make it $9,99 or something instead of $40 for a game that's nowhere to be complete it's like playing an alpha that isn't even released yet with limited content, the game lacks lots of stuff such as farmable content like if they allowed us to farm for cosmetics, pets or even gear pieces just for cosmetic purpose it would lock the people in and that would be nice if they removed the weekly limit from the easy raids and added more cosmetic purpose drops so people could waste time on doing something instead of waiting until reset to clear everything and then you're pretty much done. What I also don't understand is why are old content such as hard mode dungs still weekly they should make them like daily because it only drops 60 stuff anyways also another reason why most of the people quit is because everyone usually after the reset they want to do stuff as fast as possible so people with low gear meaning lower dps people will just be locked out and having to wait more days to clear things and by the time that happens you get a bunch of low geared people desperately trying to clear stuff ( waiting hours just to fill the party ) where they constantly wipe usually after Saturday when most of the people finished all the raids it becomes harder and harder to just find people ( or you would be stuck in the group finder because there are no tanks at all and you end having to disband your party or keep waiting for eternity ) , if they changed it a bit and made it so people that cleared it would get some rewards for helping them out or something such as tokens to exchange them for cosmetics or even any kind of drops that isn't gear related / parchments because right now if you repeat stuff you would not only waste time but also end losing money for repairs and all that stuff and on top of that people that cleared content can't make a group finder for it. So far every player I met kinda quit because of the lack of content right now and it's just sad to see people you enjoyed playing with suddenly lose interests in the game because of this. So I hope in the future they actually notice this instead of ignoring it because the game itself has potential.

    But rly, lowering the price of the initial game does not help at all.
    It is not the core problem.
    I agree with the below, the problem is all the timegating and restrictions on stuff. Not even skins and moutns can be farmed. Not even housing materials can be farmed however much one wants to invest time in.
    Also GoE cards can also not be farmed (thinking of somehting like ff14 x:) not even that. Nothing can be done.

    I stream the game, and more time than not, i have a bit fat font over the screen saying "Waiting Simulator".

    ALso btw, if they lowered the price now already, i'd want some kind of refund D:

  • I mean, what are you or me going to do about it. Im just explaining my perspective here. I can still what I want out of the content in the game. We have no control over influencing the marketing team. They will either choose to, or they wont. That's all there is to it.

    Im not being short sighted, Im being realistic.

  • They just need to put more effort in advertissing, a game like that only hited 18k on realease something is wrong...

    Like i said in another post, still gameforge marketing isn't efficient to advertise there own games, it's not first one they miss and still not learned the lesson or main staff don't wanna invest more money into it.

    The price is already good , no need to decreasse a price for a B2P online game.

    And when it will work will the invest to have decent servers ? Will they split more Server on NA for exemple ?

    Playing with a ping higher than 150-200 on ur own server country is unfortunalty not an enjoyable experience.

    As long as they don't split 2 servers to provide a good latency for a lot of player in NA it will be a lost too.

    WIll they listen to us will they do something who knows for now we just play and hope it will get better.