Game is dying a slow death

  • Sadly but its seems like that, fells like GF dont interested in ppl, they do new raids and such its still fun but ppl still quit game bcs of such stupid random.
    Im playing from the start but im always got 1-2 gear per week most of time was only one, somehow i got 75 till update, but what new ppl supposed to do with this lvl of unluck lol, even if most of ppl looking for 65/70+ gs for jade palace so its really very hard to be a new in this game, we need same system in raids as in dungeons lol.

    Second point is cash shop, im personally very upset when i think about it, we getting 1 outfit in 2 weeks which is not even nice or cute for price of 3-4k+ what a joke. What is a point of doing 20-25% bonus for coins if we even havnt stuff to buy….

    One more point is updates without of telling us, what was changed like npc with gold change, ok I understand maybe some of us will farm them somehow, but we have so many things to buy in npc shops, but we are out of money for it bcs its not that cheap, like a bag for 120g with 16 slot and we need a lot if them not only 2-3.

    Im still giving game a chance but for me its not so attractive to play as at start….

  • Anyone else dreading what effect New World will have on the playerbase when it comes out next Tuesday? (Also, who releases on a Tuesday? Wouldnt a Friday release be best, so players can game out the entire weekend? )

    I don't know if you ever worked in development before, but as a rule of thumb: never ever push to production on a Friday. Unless you want to debug live on a Friday afternoon, or even worse during the weekend, Thursday is generally a safe day and leave you enough time to fix shit.

    On the topic, people have been talking repetitiveness but I'd say that it's the very essence of an MMORPG - most of the MMORPG that I've played, except 'sandbox', are a chore and require repeating the same task for hundred of hours. Unfortunately in the case of SOLO, the repetitiveness is boring with endgame content consisting of only raids that are available once a week for 2 months. And then you're rewarded with the same dungeon +1 mechs per boss (for 2 months again...).

    Honestly, like most people, I only do my weeklies on reset and connect once a day to do some dailies.

    Note: PvP is dead af (lol). Also excluding shit optimization.

  • Anyone else dreading what effect New World will have on the playerbase when it comes out next Tuesday? (Also, who releases on a Tuesday? Wouldnt a Friday release be best, so players can game out the entire weekend? )

    Well, ppl. will leave/become less active. Ill also get it for myself, and chances are quite high i become a raidlogger/quit the game if new world is fun. My issues are the same everybody here have, the biggest problems being low playerbase on eu and not enough/too easy endgame content. extreme mode secret bosses and hardmode raids are a joke. For now ill just do my raids and extremes and thats it. the last weeks ive been grinding extreme dungeons and hardraids all day long to help ppl. who had problems with them, but that will fall flat too. And when gearing another char i saw how devastating low eu playerbase is. Its friday 8 pm and there is 1(!) group searching for normal raids. Which has gs 65 as entry requirement. How are new players supposed to play the game this way? Whatever, ima prolly quit anyway.

  • SOLO is getting pretty boring and repetitive for me. I feel like I've gone through this before, just with higher DPS checks. There's no variety in content. PvP is dead, gearing feels pointless.

    Why gear up when they will just drip-feed me content and then introduce catch-up mechanics a week later? I'm just gonna take a break until some actual new content comes out and they catch everyone up to whatever gear score the new content needs.

  • I just start to play this game for a few week ago and I sure hope this game will last a long time. I am in North America and I have no lag at all at any hour and every graphic settings are set to the max. The only problem I have is that the auto focus in the shop screens do not seem to work and is out of focus. In game there is no problem. The other problem is that I can only do solo quests because I cannot find other players to team up with me. I have join a guild but most members are way ahead of me and busy doing more advance quests. So far I have 2 characters that made it to student and one at beginner level. I don't mind to spend time or money on this game if it can provide me with some fun in PVE, I don't like PVP since I had been killed several times by other players while doing daily quests because I forget to reset the faction setting.

  • SOLO population will be cut down even more by Oct 20 when Elyon is released. What they need to do now to save the game is to bring the new classes to NA/EU version.

    and then what? ppl will level them for 6-12h and them proceed to login once weekly to gear them?

  • SOLO population will be cut down even more by Oct 20 when Elyon is released. What they need to do now to save the game is to bring the new classes to NA/EU version.

    and then what? ppl will level them for 6-12h and them proceed to login once weekly to gear them?

    Well at least it will be the start to get people back or new people to play the game. Then continue to work and release future contents faster. Or just sit here doing nothing and wait for the game to completely die.

  • Problem is: "Future Content" mostly consists of "Item Spiral". So releasing such content faster, would defet the purpose of it being an able spiral, thus it would be the same as if no "new content" was released at all. Because it's still the same one is doing (as a PvE person). Doing the weekly Raids once a week.

  • TBH, despite what others say. I can completely agree with your 2nd point. Honestly the game devs made the raid drops horrible rate because they wanted to prolong the end game, as an endgame player myself im sick of this. 3 weeks of doing lvl 90 hard raid XJ and 1 item per week across 4-6 bosses is pretty ridiculous in a game that has items slots of 9+ to fill.

    Some players have better "RNG" than most of the playerbase and hence downvote your post and say its "fair". let me tell them something, the devs have never made the Raid drops ever fair the moment raid drops were not guaranteed per boss like 60 gear. no matter what idiot says so otherwise. they did this on purpose because they didnt want to constantly be building new content within a few weeks. sure this allows them to save time and not work so hard, but doing this actually makes ppl want to quit. IF YOU EVEN DARE SAY RAIDS DROPS ARE FAIR. PISS OFF UR WRONG AND U KNOW IT. they wouldnt have needed to increase the 75 drop rate or make them tradeable to apprentices if it was already fair drops in the first place, use ur brains and think. obviously they knew the drop rates were unfair in the first place.

    and i bet even now the drop rate for 90 is much worse than 75 XJP.

    there wouldn't be multiple ppl complaining here in forums if it was ever "fair" rng. Gameforge SUPPORT knows this is unfair, you even can tell from their responses, but they cant do anything because the devs control the game. THe devs themselves know its unfair. hence why they hinted "at least a min of 1 piece" to make it look like at least it not a waste of ur time. Any other game that has tried to prolong endgame content by reducing loot drop rates has never survived long. and this is shown in this games rapid decrease in active player base. Sure u got new players coming, but the amount of outgoing players is more than the incoming players hence the rapid decreased in playerbase since the first XJP came out.

    the whole point of doing raids is you set aside the time one day a week to do the raid to get rewarded appropriately. for the amount of time especially the newer raids, the time u put in to find a good group and clear the bosses to learn the mechs, you should be rewarded. if ur putting in hours especially when new raid difficulty comes out and you only get 1 piece across 6 bosses in XJP. Especially with DPS requirements and mechanics checks. if ur putting in the effort you should be rewarded at least half of the bosses u do should drop equips to even make this remotely viable. Ive been across 3-5 guilds and most ppl have already quit the game or just login to do some dailies and thats it. because they never increased drop rates to even make remotely viable to do raids and waste hours of time.

    Even other games raids at least drop something worthwhile for the time you put in. instead this game ur real lucky if u even got more than 1 piece. 5 parchments of 90 does not even make up for the no gear drop which is ridiculous. let alone have a 50% chance that you would get the wrong piece. if you get the wrong piece it literally sets you back another 2 weeks+ to even have the parchments to create that slots correct piece. because the way the raid works is once you have a drop in that slot, you wont get it again until you get drops for your other slots. like if it drops a bracer and its wrong piece, u wont get another bracer at least within the next couple of weeks a drop until u get full set of drops at least once per slot. 60 parchments for the wrong does not even come close to making up the lost weeks of progression if u got the wrong piece considering the costs of each of the pieces especially a core item slot one like bracers or helmet let alone the weapon slot at 400 parchments. Some of you might say "you should be lucky to even get a piece" <--if ur saying this u already this is unfair and crap RNG. in a game that is even remotely fair, ppl should not even need to say this.

    this is how they drag on the game to slow u down, the reason they dont tell u how it works correctly is because they wanna hide the fact that its unfair. the formula they use to calculate drops is skewed so that 80-90% of the playerbase wont get more than 1 piece a week. they let some ppl do to make it look like RNG but the fact is they did this to make endgame content last longer without them having to get devs to speed up translations/builds from the CN version.

    for B2P game honestly they should not be doing this, this literally gives no incentive for ppl to continue to play when the time taken to do the raids is not proportional to the raid drops. and with no incentive to play comes no incentive to pay this game for costumes or cosmetics and therefore no income for them. the whole point of raids is to give ppl motivation to continue to do it per week. 1 piece across 6 bosses is pretty ridiculous. let alone not everyone in the group will even get a piece especially in 90 raids. had 2/3 weeks where a couple of ppl got nothing.

    For those of you who are still "lost" in your own world about how RAID drops are fair RNG right now, stay forever lost. Because when even game support has admitted its not fair RNG right now......lols (dont believe me? put in a support ticket claiming unfair raid drops eg for XJP 90 gear and see their response). The main idealogy was by putting shittier raid drop% they can prolong content which is utterly ridiculous for a B2P game. Hence more and more ppl are getting tired of this drop rate and started already quitting or quit already. They already bumped up drop rate for 75 for a reason, because of most of the older players already quit and the newer ones dont have the gear to do the 75 or the exp.

    For those who believe me, i would advise jst play this game casually and see if the situation improves but dont bother buying anything anymore like most of my clans or clanmates. if they dont get much profits, they would be finally willing to change some of the game systems because right now its clearly unfair and the game devs know it but want to prolong the content over playerbase survival. look at any game population website for SOLO and u can see rapid decline since XJP raids came out. If most of the older clans who were there when this game started have gotten tired of this game, u know the game is doing something wrong. Before any of the doubters say anything, YES I have been playing this game since it first released in NA every single week and im already starting to get sick of the lack of raid drops. I have not bought anything from this game anymore since 2months ago. so gameforge will not long receive any profits from me anymore till this problem is fixed or addressed.

  • Also I want to add:
    As I play for PvX drops.. it's even worse. I've been doing all Raids/Inis that drop mounts/skins on every difficulty every week, on at least 1 characters mostly 2. I've never once even SEEN the fox drop, never SEEN the tiger from Yemo, and also never seen the Turtoise. Except for 2 skins from bosses, I've also not seen na single skin drop so far.

    And this comes from something you can only do once a week/character. (but then again you would need to invest more time to gear up more characters). The reward system is in no angle proportional so time, money, blood sweat and tears put in.

  • I got 4 chars and i do almost all raids, i saw 1 turtle, 2 tigers and first time ever i saw fox in jade last week, this is all what i saw in this game from the start xD

    P.s. i got all skins from dungeons even more than once :x

  • RNG for cosmetics will always be better than gear drop rate tbh in this game, because it the one thing that doesnt affect your gear progression. Does getting the mounts make u stronger? nope. so they can afford to give you better RNG. i saw turtle multiple times, saw 1 tiger but never saw a fox.

    The problem is gear and this is what is killing the player base.

    Remember this game started with 18k players on steam in july now in less than 2-3 months the game have dived down to 1k players per day. u dont lose 95% of your playerbase unless there clearly something wrong and with each patch comes new raids and more raids, u can already see where the problem is. its with the RAIDS.

    every single update with more raids leads to more ppl quitting. because honestly the drop rate vs time spent on doing the harder difficulties just isnt worth it for raids. anywhere less than 50% drop rate for gear, GF can go rekt themselves because thats what their doing to their own game. some may argue steam isnt counting the ppl on GF launcher. no it isnt but it still representative of the current playerbase percentages. showing more ppl are quitting or become less active as each month progresses and each update. XJP hard has literally dumpstered the playerbase now. You are not clearing DAHAN with less than 5k dps unless u got whales to carry you and anything less than 4.5k dps you probs get kicked. yet the devs are limiting gear drops lols to delay endgame progression to extend content life is pretty ridiculous. its like saying you need the job but the job needs exp to do but u need to get the job to get the exp.

    Same thing here, u need the gear to clear" not do, the raid, but u cant do it without the gear which the devs are cutting you off from getting.

    the sad thing is you realise when the CM announced that it was at least "min 1 gear piece per week" pretty much told us that the drop rate is gonna be Bullsht, they do know that there is 6bosses in XJP right? 1/6 drop is pretty ridiculous. then we add the other raids like Nuowu and iceworld. clearing those are already a pain in the butthole, and these have 1 boss with this shit drop rate lols.

    how do u feel when you do the finish and finally clear it, only to get no gear and 5 shitty parchments. does it give you motivation to continue to do the raid or make you annoyed and frustrated u went 2 hrs of this BS dying over and over and finally clearing to get nothing............ (Cue dramatic music)

  • Except it isnt. Cosmetic/vanity stuff is not even guaranteed XD and there is also no way to buy them (parchments) or anything. So yea. Ofc, I am away that 90% of players are all about itemspiral/character progression.

    And tbf

    A lot of Steam users refunded their game due to the CC bonus and switched to GF

  • Byokko is this CC bonus still in game?

    or are you talking about 20% extra CC for purchases during BETA phase?

    I don't mean that "special offer" kind of thing. But due to steam being a 3rd party thingy and getting some kind of cut of in game purchases or so(dunno exactly how it works): Steam users (used to) get less by spending the same amount of money, compared to GF users. made a difference of like 10% or so.

  • Who cares, as long as I have my static group and can still experience the content, I dont really care.

    Game is fine.

    If they want to market it, they will.

    If they dont, that's up to them.

    Either way, I can still play what I want out of the game.

  • Who cares, as long as I have my static group and can still experience the content, I dont really care.

    Game is fine.

    If they want to market it, they will.

    If they dont, that's up to them.

    Either way, I can still play what I want out of the game.

    So basically you're saying as long as you personally are not adversely affected by the games decline, ( and it is declining..severely. the player base only hits about 1k daily now, queue times are longer, etc ) that you couldn't care less regarding the quality of life of the player base? How short sighted of you. If the game dies, then you can't do those things you mentioned either.

    The game is dying, make no mistake. Due to Gameforge's ignoring the playerbase complaints ( even ones where the fixes already exist in the Chinese version of the game ) , the lack of advertising, the going as cheap as possible route at every turn, ( really? one server for the entire US, and some genius somewhere thought sticking on the east coast was a good idea? ) the performance issues, the bad at release VAs that turned a lot of people off. There's an old saying that you don't get a second chance at a first impression, and the release condition of SOLO turned people off. This is the end stage of an MMO cash grab.

    End Walker, Lost Ark, End of Dragons, more MMOs coming out near term. New World decimated the SOLO player base, 3 more MMOs? What will be left? To save SOLO Gameforge needs to go big.

  • Honestly I think Gameforge needs to do something about the price of the game, all they have to do is make it $9,99 or something instead of $40 for a game that's nowhere to be complete it's like playing an alpha that isn't even released yet with limited content, the game lacks lots of stuff such as farmable content like if they allowed us to farm for cosmetics, pets or even gear pieces just for cosmetic purpose it would lock the people in and that would be nice if they removed the weekly limit from the easy raids and added more cosmetic purpose drops so people could waste time on doing something instead of waiting until reset to clear everything and then you're pretty much done. What I also don't understand is why are old content such as hard mode dungs still weekly they should make them like daily because it only drops 60 stuff anyways also another reason why most of the people quit is because everyone usually after the reset they want to do stuff as fast as possible so people with low gear meaning lower dps people will just be locked out and having to wait more days to clear things and by the time that happens you get a bunch of low geared people desperately trying to clear stuff ( waiting hours just to fill the party ) where they constantly wipe usually after Saturday when most of the people finished all the raids it becomes harder and harder to just find people ( or you would be stuck in the group finder because there are no tanks at all and you end having to disband your party or keep waiting for eternity ) , if they changed it a bit and made it so people that cleared it would get some rewards for helping them out or something such as tokens to exchange them for cosmetics or even any kind of drops that isn't gear related / parchments because right now if you repeat stuff you would not only waste time but also end losing money for repairs and all that stuff and on top of that people that cleared content can't make a group finder for it. So far every player I met kinda quit because of the lack of content right now and it's just sad to see people you enjoyed playing with suddenly lose interests in the game because of this. So I hope in the future they actually notice this instead of ignoring it because the game itself has potential.