Swords of Legends Online Classes

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    In Swords of Legends Online, you have a wide variety of different heroes with whom to experience both individual class stories, as well as the overarching narrative running through the game. Initially, you’ll be able to select from 6 heroes playable as male or female, and more will be added to the game after release.

    The Reaper

    A wraithlike warrior who melts into the shadows to turn the tide of battle

    Class Overview

    Having glanced behind the curtain into the unknown, Reapers can manipulate the energy of life itself, reawakening allies to new powers, and healing fatal injuries. Their connection to the shadows allows them to sneak up on their enemies unawares.

    Roles: Melee and Support

    Weapon: Scythes

    Video: Reaper Trailer


    The sunlight never penetrates the depths of the abyss, home to the Reaper school’s subterranean temple complex.

    The Reapers originally came from Heavenly Ridge, the place of pilgrimage for the followers of the great Goddess Nüwa. Some of them settled in Heavenly Ridge’s subterranean temple and served to guard the Grand Warlock. They were tasked with protecting the sacred objects left behind by Nüwa.


    Assassin (Melee DPS): The Reapers command a range of powerful curses and breed poisonous creatures to deploy in combat. In the darkness, they lie in wait for their enemies, attacking with lightning speed and mercilessly cutting them down with a swing of their scythe.

    Occultist (Support): Occultists can call on the mercy of Nüwa to support their allies, granting them supernatural abilities. They are also capable of sharing some of the damage an ally receives, thereby helping them to survive.

    The Berserker

    A nomadic hero who cherishes freedom and would rather die than break their word

    Class Overview

    Berserkers feel most at home right in the thick of the fray, swinging their massive swords to protect their allies and strike fear into their enemies’ hearts. Berserkers can call upon a loyal wolf to support them. Depending on the situation, they can act as a bulwark in defending enemy attacks or unleash their strength in a veritable whirlwind of destruction.

    Roles: Tank and DPS

    Weapon: Greatsword

    Video: Berserker Trailer


    The founder of the Berserker school was Qingya, who was originally a giant turquoise wolf. Master Lan Yaoqi guided him down the path to enlightenment, and on his travels he recruited many other warriors to follow him. These disciples continued his legacy, championing an extraordinary combat style, and the legendary tolerance for alcohol which makes them into true Berserkers.


    Slayer (DPS): Chaining together swift and brutal attacks to bring their enemies to their knees, Slayers can create phantom warriors to fight by their side.

    Drunken Master (Tank): Imbibing a special medicinal wine, Drunken Masters gain a fortuitous edge in combat through their intoxication. They can harness the force of the wind to block enemy attacks, or summon a wolf whose howls stir their allies to frenzied action.

    The Spellsword

    A righteous monk who employs arcane techniques to subdue and eliminate evil spirits

    Class Overview

    Spellswords blend deadly swordplay and powerful magic, making them a threatening prospect at any range. They are trained for one purpose, and one purpose alone – to inflict damage on their foes, wherever they might be.

    Roles: Melee and Ranged DPS

    Weapon: Swords

    Video: Spellsword Trailer


    Together with Zhenren Chixia and the students from Taihua Temple, integrity and generosity found their way into the country. However following a series of unexplained incidents and increasing differences between the students, there was a schism leading some of them to leave the temple. Those who stayed became the first Spellswords.


    Sword Artist (Ranged DPS): Sword Artists use their qi to make their swords fly, keeping enemies at bay with their spells. They also have the ability to teleport to magical swords they strategically place around the battlefield.

    Bladestorm (Melee DPS): Spellswords versed in the ways of the Bladestorm set up their swords in a pentagram-like shape to stun enemies. They can also move across the battlefield with lightning speed, leaving behind echoes of their previous location to confuse their enemies.

    The Bard

    A well-cultured and elegant monk, deeply entwined with the forces of nature

    Class Overview

    Bards have a deep and profound understanding of music, knowing how to combine the magical notes of their instruments with the forces of nature. They use this magic to hit their foes from a distance or provide support to their allies with powerful healing melodies. Alternatively Bards can manipulate the harmony of nature, and harness this imbalance to execute powerful elemental attacks.

    Roles: Ranged DPS & Support

    Weapon: Stringed Instrument

    Video: Bard Trailer


    The students of Zhenren Chixia who obliterated the demons gradually transformed Taihua Mountain into a peaceful paradise. Nevertheless, ill fortune befell one of the students, who in turn accused his fellow student Heshuo of intrigue. After a series of arguments, Heshuo eventually left Taihua Mountain, vowing to find the real culprit. Those students who left with Heshuo became the first Bards.


    Dissonance (Ranged DPS): Using their virtuosic skills, Bards can harness the elements, weaving specific effects into their magical attacks. This symphony of tone and element is what makes the Bard’s Soulforce so notoriously powerful.

    Harmony (Support): Bards can heal the wounded, dispel evil spirits, and protect their allies from harm. They do this by shrouding them in shields to mitigate damage, or encasing them in ice to block potentially fatal blows.

    The Summoner

    A sacred priest with an irrevocable devotion to creation and an indomitable faith

    Class Overview

    The Summoners’ celestial healing prayers often prove to be the difference between life and death. But they are not limited to healing duties, being perfectly capable of inflicting serious damage should the situation require. Casting arcane spells, they can wield command over nature and the creatures of the wilderness.

    Roles: Ranged DPS & Support

    Weapon: Celestial Staff

    Video: Summoner Trailer


    In ancient times, the great Goddess Nüwa guided numerous clans into the underworld, but the Lao clan from Heavenly Ridge was ordered to stay in the upper world and promulgate Nüwa’s benevolence. Heavenly Ridge became a place of pilgrimage, and the priests of the Lao clan, who stay on the surface and welcome the faithful, are known as the Summoners.


    Nature’s Wrath (Ranged DPS): Summoners rally the spirits to support them in the attack, channelling their energies into a gleaming beam of light to smite their foes. They can summon Golden Feather or the fox-like Mingshi to provide support and swing battles in their favour.

    Nuwa’s Blessing (Support): Summoners with Nüwa’s Blessing can cast a range of effects to heal their teammates over time. They summon the healing fairy Moluo to further sustain their allies through challenging fights, or command it to use specific skills when in trouble.

    The Spearmaster

    A powerful warrior for whom honour is the highest virtue

    Class Overview

    Over years of hard training, Spearmasters hone their skills to become extremely formidable opponents on the field of battle, proving themselves as a stalwart allies. In addition to their martial prowess in combat, they are also talented engineers, capable of constructing impressive machines to aid their cause.

    Roles: Tank and Melee DPS

    Weapon: Spears

    Video: Spearmaster Trailer


    Like Qingya, the founder of the Spearmaster school was also a student of Lan Yaoqi. She went by the name of Yuejiang, and attracting a group of followers, taught them her secret abilities and martial arts. She trained them to become invincible masters, and soon there was no one who could oppose them.


    General (Melee DPS): Spearmasters have an indomitable will and keep a cool head in even the toughest of fights, putting their deadly skills to good use. They can use their spears to launch enemies into the air and land even more precision strikes.

    Phalanx (Tank): With expert use of their armour, the Spearmaster becomes a living bulwark, capable of protecting allies and distracting foes. They can summon a protective wall in front of themselves to block incoming damage.