• Same, 1 gear per character per full raid~.

  • Likewise, my fortune was also almost 30% during the 2nd raid and I have also received just 1 gear per run (2 in total).

    Ironically, the RNG decided that the slacking (AFK) Bard gets 4 gear pcs and he had 60% less total heal than the main healer.

    He would randomly decide to just stand idle and pretend everything is fine. Unfortunately, we did not kick him as we were being nice.

    Do not get me wrong, new players are most welcomed and carrying them is something that we all love to do.

    But how would you feel if a fresh out of the oven player effectively ended up with an higher gear score than you with just one raid.

    I am not asking the system to drop gear based on performance/effort. That would hinder lower level players..

    But at least change the system such that, if there is a gear drop everyone gets the gear drop. If there is none, nobody gets the drop. There is equal loot across the board, was that hard?

    End of the day we cleared the raid because we worked as a team, it is only fair that we receive the reward as a team or do not receive anything.

    The loot roll is no less than gambling at this point. If your stars are aligned you just skipped one or two weeks worth of effort that other unlucky players put into the game.

    This is my 2cent on this entire drop rate fiasco.

    Apologies for saying this, but I find the proposed system fair than the existing one at least.

    Have a great day ahead.

    Best regards.

  • Funny thing is 2 of our dps were pulling like 1.3k-1.6k dps. We were wiping a lot, I said to kick them but they wouldn't. We eventually progressed through the bosses and I was pulling 3-5k dps depending on the boss, I was getting no loot while they were getting. Seems like this system is designed to award under perfoming ppl lol.

  • I was already aware about that fortune thing after my unfortune during the first raid and was rising my honor every day for the 2nd raid week.

    Also i'ved completed the new mentor weekly and get +28 fortune.

    At least it was the same result than the last week, i felt scamed again, i can increase that fortune with your tips Muur thanx to you.

    Will it be enough ? cause i still don't get that system it's really weird and not enjoyable.

    As long as this reward system don't feed us enough i will never like it, 1 loot peer week is to low.

    How many time do you think we will need to get one gear or both of them if we are still playing 2 kind of build or spec ? Like Dps/heal, or Dps/tank ,....

    Still it will take ages, each week i feel farway from it.

    1 loot minimum peer week is definitly not enough for me, even i will maybe use the 75 frags but still waiting cauz they will be usefull to balance my gear and craft gear don't have a chance to get a higher quality than +0...

    So i'm asking to you to look again about that rate loot.


  • Fortune is a gimmick, and if it affects anything in raid it's the trash drops / silk.

    I've got 3 pieces (all +0) total over 2 full clears and ran last week with ~40% fortune.

    Others with half as much fortune or less walk away with 3-5 pieces per week.

  • last path. 1 dude got 4 pieces the other 1 or 0.

    this patch. everyone got 2-3 pieces.

    system is fine, would be boring if everyone is max gear in 1 week..

    I already see a lot of persons ilvl 65/66/67 i even saw ilvl 70 person already and we are only 2 weeks since raid implemented... in 2-3 weeks most people are capped again.

    you can craft like 1 75 gear from parchments per week and drop minimum 1 per week. mostly u drop 2/3 per week.

    So 15 pieces. it take like 3-5 weeks.. thats still totally fine. 1 month to be capped again. in other mmorgps i play years and are not capped.

    i dunno how your guild handle this. but in our guild the raidleader keeps a textfile of which person got which piece.. so if dublicates drop. we can still trade the unopened crystall to other people who got "unlucky"...

    so yeah if everyone in your raid group got the weapon except you. its very very likely that next raid u get the weapon 100%. (since if one of the other 9-19 people drop the weapon, they will just trade to you)


    kicking people cause they dont perform well is [REMOVED] move and this toxicity shouldnt be accepted in SOLO. if people underperforming talk to them and fix the problem nicely.

    For example if we lacking dmg in the raid, some healer just speccing DD for example and we try to heal with only 2 healers.. (worked btw).

    Find a compromisse is better for everyone, then just ninjakicking people cause they are "Low dps"... even with low dps u can beat the raid... With Bladeheart buff almost any group get decent dps.

  • It wouldn't be a ninja kick since I was saying on group they should get kicked for that low dps. We had 2 healers so 1 turning into a dps wasn't an option. We've been wiping constantly. I've a kid and my time is kinda limited so I can't be wasting an hour into 1 EASY boss. Their gear was 60+ ilvl and their dps was simply unacceptable plus they were constantly dying to simple mechanics.

    If you like to carry others all the time be my guest but don't try to impose that to me as the normal whilst I value my time.

  • You're so very wrong and in 2/3 weeks you'll realise that.

  • Most people think "All this [REMOVED] player should l2p!". In a los of cases you waste your time by talking to people who perform badly. Doing 2.5k DPS to get the boss down in time isn't witchcraft it's very easy to do. I have no problems in my guild but if randoms underperform for whatever reason I ask them nicely if they can do just a tad bit more because it's hard to justify 800 dps.
    There are always things that can happen... like your doge puked in your shoe or whatever. 3 times the charm and if somone is simply dead weight I look for someone else who wants the spot for real.

    It's a diffrent story if a group outgears the content and drags someone through like in hard mode dungeons but it's a different story in content where enrage timers are a thing and a underperforming person is telling "F YOU! I DON'T CARE!" by the way the play and screw over 9-19 other people.

    If someone is motivated I've no problems helping out in every way I can but most people are simply lazy or don't want perform in random groups. That was always the case in the 23 years I play MMOs and it got way worse since WoW. I simply don't care about dead weight anymore and I don't want to waste my spare time with someone who cares not.

    At the end of the day it's up to eveybody how they handle things but play with some asians who are used to pay by the hour... if you go for a leak longer then 30 seconds they'll kick you and look for someone else ^^. I think SOLO is in a good state and in all the pugs I ran so far everything went fine without problems.

  • i am almost ilvl 66. and we didnt even cleared the raid first week completelty.. SO yeah, next week i am ilvl 70 week after close to 75.

  • i am almost ilvl 66. and we didnt even cleared the raid first week completelty.. SO yeah, next week i am ilvl 70 week after close to 75.

    Best case we get a new raid this week :). Worst case it'll take longer ^^. So new sources for loot are incoming and beeing ILvL 75 isn't a big thing anymore. If the new raids don't get harder pretty fast the raid players will make the good old "No content" clownfiesta pretty soon ^^.

  • yay hype, I'm 62 on all my characters x: good thing I always seem to have such good luck~
    and i also didnt get any parchment as i wasnt able to spend 1000 of the 60 ones yet QAQ

  • maybe u should focus on one character and not on all characters lol... imagine u would spend that time on one char u could be ilvl 68 by now. (Fish 2 parts, craft 1 part, drop 5 parts (2.5 drop per week))

  • The thing is, my priority is housing. So all I do is use Tank and healer to prefress in PvE - minimalisticly - to have enough equip to be able to "farm" things such as skins, pets, mounts and housing items.
    Ther others are made to farm housing materials.

    But whatever u said, doesn't change the fact, that I've only gotten 1 drop from the Raid. 2 Weeks in a row, on every character.
    Not gonna bother to do extra stuff i d un care about because of equpment, in a system that is an item-spiral oO;

  • Calm down, mighty keyboard warrior. If you cannot understand English and the intent behind those statements I am lost for words.

    I can see that you are running a 20-man raid. We don't, we prefer the challenge of a 10-man raid. And if the other healer is standing AFK while the main healer is working his ass off healing 9 other players. It is only fair he gets a kick. We cannot have any DPS dying in the raid to use the blade heart effectively.

    If it was a necessary AFK we understand, but for every single boss fight, the healer stood AFK for half of the fight at least.

    How did you miss this? I MADE IT VERY CLEAR.

    Do not get me wrong, new players are most welcomed, and carrying them is something that we all love to do.

    The reason behind that post was to provide factual proof that performance-based loot drops are not a thing!!!!!!!!!

    And as per what Heretic God said.

    I am not sure about your experience, but DPS who underperform in the raid opt to leave on their own free will most of the time. At times I have also asked them stay and try again.

    It is not toxic to ask someone to leave if they absolutely cannot do it. Since your progress is never lost here, they can simply retry after upgrading their gear or rotation or build.

    What is toxic is your suggestion that we rather carry this player who was dragging 9 other people.

    I hope you do understand that kick is a necessary feature but used on very rare occasions.

    And what exactly happens when we entertain this player who is dragging the team leading to multiple enrage wipes?

    The players who perform well in the DPS department tend to leave the raid and that is another can of worms I do not wish to open.

    This is from my personal experience during week 1.

    It took us 6hrs to complete the raid since low DPS players made the good ones leave and later quit the raid themselves.

    New players would arrive, 1-2 rounds of a trial run to teach them the boss mechs.

    3rd round we fought for real, if it's a fail some of them left again.

    Recruit more, more training, more fails, more leaver, and the cycle continues.

    If only we had kicked those 2 DPS players who had around 700-800 DPS, we wouldn't have wasted 4-5hrs of our time.

    And fyi, we did speak to them. Even handed them a keens edge elixir. And they left after the next fail.

  • Grtz to you tbh.

    2 successfully completed runs here and still ilvl 62 :D

  • Didn't ask because i thought it was your signature, what does that imagine mean? In the right side its easy to understand, cant figure out the rest.

  • no, each boss drop a set of specific items.

    if your guildmate dropped item from 1st boss, but has all items from first boss already. instead of opening the crystal he just trade with guildmate instead. so other person get loot.

    Lets say u have everything but weapon. its pointless now to open drops from first 5 bosses, cause they cant drop weapon. . Instead of opening and then realise "oh i have that item already" . u look at the image and know before opening, that it will be a dead drop for u, and trade it with other party member/guildmembers. thats the idea!

    You can only trade the unopened crystal from the boss (you dont know what item is in exactly), not the opened item.. So if u open the item and get Ring, but u have all rings already, u cant give it to guild mate, u literally got a dead drop -> pet food

  • Sounds like a very good plan. But not all of us are blessed with static teams that work together like this.
    Majority of the player base run pub matchmaking. Not denying that your strategy is most likely what we should be doing to gear up quickly.

    I haven't seen it myself, but some claim that you can get lvl 75 parchments for the gear. If that is true some of the players might not want to trade their gems.

    But its just a dream for most of us at least to have such a set up.
    This also promotes elitism, so the lucky players who can have this set up will keep growing stronger like snowballing while the newbies and solo players will suffer in comparison.