Voice Acting: Alert new players to their options (CN or EN)

  • Since launch, ingame, in Discord, and on Youtube - I have seen players and viewers expressing their severe distaste for the quality of the English Voice acting. Some find it laughable, some turn it off, while others consider quitting or not even trying the game because of it.

    I see this every single day. And every single day, I am having to inform people that we have the option to switch to Chinese voice acting via the settings, and guiding them through the settings to find the option. It is amazing how many players have absolutely no idea this option exists.
    I am beyond thankful for the option to play with Chinese VA. I wouldn't even be able to tolerate playing the game without it. But new players seriously need to be informed of their voice acting options BEFORE they start playing.

    My suggestion: Create a simple prompt / pop-up window for VA settings, that appears upon logging into a new character for the first time - just like what is done with the Tab Target vs Action combat settings. Present players with the CHOICE before they start playing through the story.
    Voice acting is crucial to one's story experience, and I feel that such information should be presented to the player right away.

    However, now you've "localized" the player character voices - completely overriding the original voices players chose for themselves. Of course this isn't an issue for those who play with Chinese VA, but many players who use English VA are upset. Some have switched to Chinese VA because of it, while others have turned off voices entirely.
    With this change, a VA settings prompt upon logging into a new character is a little too late since changing the setting would alter the character voice the player chose beforehand.

    Easiest solution: Add BOTH the CN and EN versions of the character voices into character creation, so players can preview what their character voice would sound like under both voice acting settings.

    Regardless, this is a problem. English VA is making the game look (and sound) bad, and players need to be informed of their options.

  • I absolutely hate the new English VA for when you get on your shop bought mount. Ridiculous phrases, not at all the voice I chose, I wish we had the option to not have the "mounting" comment....I used to love my little Chinese character's comment, she sounded so excited and raring to go even though I didn't understand what she was saying. Now I have a boring, monotone voice that talks rubbish.

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