Gujian Qi Tan - Donghua Adaptation

  • At todays Tencent conference, they have announced a Gujian Qi Tan Donghua Adaptation.

    Info1: Gujian is the game franchise SOLO is part of
    Info2: Gujian Qi Tan is the same title the 2014 Live Action Adaptation has

    It is not known yet what part the Adatpation of which game it will cover or if it's something new but the Game Studio itself is listed as Animation Studio. Anyone interested in Gujian lore should keep their eyes open! At least the announcement art looks gorgeous <3

  • Gujian 1 had really nice story but live action ruined it SOOOOO bad

    Gujian 2 the main cast feels likes the real side characters and story actually focus on Shenye. It will be interesting how an anime adaptation will handle it.

    I think what I look forward to the most will be Gujian 4

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