What did the community want?

  • 24/7 PvP.

    A separate continents queue for premades.

    Balanced faction PvP in terms of numbers so that no matter what server region you select you aren't forced into a 20:1 ratio steam roll.

    To not have to wait until the literal end of October for time gated PvP gear.

    For literally anyone to address or acknowledge any of the current glaring issues with PvP so they know whether or not there's any hope of any of it being fixed sometime before they up and quit the game.

    What did the community get?

    Dumb [REMOVED] English VA voice lines for mounting that are literally so bad they actually convinced the rest of the people playing this game in English to switch the game back to it's original Chinese or just turn voices off entirely.

    100/10 :thumbup:

  • Murr

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  • TBF, noone should expect for changes to be happening within 1-2 weeks. As it has to go around multiple corners before it reaches.

    But I do agree, I expect way more communication. At least like it was befora launch...

  • I've thought for 5 minutes now on how to answer this and I'm honestly not quite sure.

    I mean you do a great job at active agressively underselling all changes we've made since release, so I'll give you that.

    One could argue that you complain specifically about us not making changes to PvP (which is fair), but then you list a non-PvP thing under "What did we get", so that is somewhat flawed too.

    Nonetheless we shan't be pedantic and answer you in good faith:

    We are aware of the complaints made around PvP. In fact I'm fairly sure I've commented on the pre-made qeue topic myself way back when. In general it's safe to say that if something is being discussed by a couple people more than once, we know that it's a topic.

    I don't really like posting on such threads to say "Oh yeah guys, I just noticed this thread, registered", as long as I have no idea of whether we will get a solution to the issue or how soon.

    In very simplified terms, I get paid to read this forum. I get paid to read Discord. I get paid to read our social media comments (there are other tasks ofc, before someone decries me for not reading enough). If something is a topic, then you can safely assume that we are aware of it.

    Now as to whether / how soon we'll ADRESS something, that is of course the interesting question outside of my influence.

    I have nothing concrete to tell you in that regard right now and so I don't.

    But we are aware that these are issues many PvP players are worried about.

    You may now mark down +1 Acknowledgement on your char sheet.

  • Thank you.
    Sorry for continuously being a jerk about this. I realise it doesn't make you want to help me or other members of the community get what we want, especially when our concerns are voiced in such a negative way.

    That said, I think you really undersell the value of just how important and how much that acknowledgement can mean to some people.

    We don't have to agree on this, but in my opinion it's a lot more reassuring to know that my concerns about this particular area of the game are at least on a radar somewhere, even if you can't do anything about them, instead of just lost in the void and constantly falling on deaf ears.

    To me it is the difference between knowing that you guys are willing to listen to and care about all concerns from the community, not just the ones that are PvE specific focused, and the other gives the false impression or the feeling that you guys don't care at all and it'd be more worth my time to go find a game where the producers/developers do care about and value the same aspects of their game that I do.

    That last part probably sounds ruder than I intend it to, which isn't my intention.

    Thank you again for what you do, and sorry for being so rude about it.

  • the thing is... if you are a solo q player or just a player with couple of friends in the game PVP is honestly 100% unplayable for you. the 3v3 is being entirely destroyed by squads abuse by deranking and people losing on purpose to abuse squad.. and if you go solo you always get these people so you cant possible have a decent game, not to mention you already lose squad item which is stupid on its own... squad is a really bad thing that literally destroyed 3v3 pvp.

    then what other choice do you have if you decided to give up on 3v3 untill squad is removed ? yah you guessed you go and try to do BG you sign into BG and then there are 2 possible outcomes.. 1 you are qed against a premade 10 people group and your entire team go afk at base and you just waste 15 mins of your life waiting for the nightmare to end and getting frustrated or the second option you are taken into an already ongoing lost game where enemy team got 1200 points and the team you got into got 0 because people left.

    and then we have faction .. .leave alone the fact that engine isnt supporting this mode really but on EU you basically only have 1 active faction and its always 100%vs0%

    on top of that EU servers lag and they lagg badly causing desync and bugs and causing melee skills to miss / not work and ruining the feel of the combat which is only thing good about this game.. as of now.. and while you are fixing some PVE stuff and adding PVE content its no secret that PVP is being ignored and not a single official notice about PVP or about the lags.. what are we dedicated pvp players are supposed to do? are we supposed to force our selves to play something that is currently unplayable and ofc not enjoyable? are we supposed to write it on the forum and ask attention and to betold whats going to be done about it? or are we supposed to not bother you guys at forum or discord and just quit the game?

    Only removed the answer from the quote for better differentiation | Zhirelia

  • Alot of the PvP complaints on this version are solved in the Chinese version. Just a matter of when u guys will release it. They have Battleground MMR that fixes the premade complaints. They have equalized 3v3 gear which gives them no reason to derank for their battlesquad gear box like we do. They have alliance wars as another form of pvp content to do besides 3v3s and bgs.

    It's really why alot of pvp players are frustrated. its not that we expect you guys to pump out fixes and new content immediately. Its that we expect you guys to apply fixes/content that already exist on another version