[Housing] Suggestions for easier building

  • So, I've been meaning to make some suggestions for Housing, just to make it a bit more userfriendly as it isn't really currently.

    1 - Grouping Items should be changed a bit so, that one can select multiple at once and doesnt have to "Chain" Them.

    2 - Grouping Items should be visiblek make a different semi transparent color overlay, or even better a checkbox where one makes group visible, and every group has a different color overlay/border or something. It's super hard to see currently

    3 - Enable OOC view. Similar to when one builds pools, but with better controls.

    4 - Make OOC view for building pool better, by speed, how camera goes, not starting where the character isnt or something.

    5 - Implement search filter for items. Srsly, there are thousands of items, and I am tired of always switching through all categories everytime.

    6 - Implement Favorite System/Custom lists. Make one able to create their own item list/category or at least make one able to favorite them, with a new favorite tab, so one can find their commonly used items faster.

    7 - Implement a 3D grid that wrapes around the space that is available to place items.

    8 - Why are the inside of houses like half the of the House? I wish you would increase the inside space to it's maximum and also make the upper floors available or at least remove the low ceiling.

    9 - It would be nice if Pools were scaleable as well and also be able to be placed on other things than the floor (not saying everything, but at least on things such as cubes and platforms/walls(all the rought housing building stuff, that is no decor, furnishing etc))

    9b - It would be nice if the pools were at the edge of something, it would automatically flow own (waterfall)

    10 - It would be grade if there was a checkbox one could toggle, that changes to items when placing them (scaling, rotating etc) could be saved. For when I used it the next time, I wouldn't have to adjust it all over again.

    Bonus: I suggest to rework the requirement system for leveling up. It fucked me over and prolly will other as well. At some point, leveling up housing requires to unlock other facilities, which in return will unlock the 3rd tier items. But the upgrade for the next level will still need the 2nd tier items. So if one does not pay attention (because honestly, the visibility sux), one will start building the newest, better stuff (tier3) whiel still needing tier 2 stuff, and instantly maxing out ont ier 3, because it has almost no space.

    That's it for now~

    I hope for once I may get some kind of feedback, else I might rly just resort to open pure complaing threads from now on :(

  • Zhirelia

    Added the Label Game
  • New suggestions:

    - Item Rename Feature

    Let one rename, or at least Number the items visibly

    - Grouping Folder

    It would be nice if there was an extra tab for "Groups". So one could create folter to put items into them. This way items could ealsy be grouped and edited together, without individually having to click and link Items.
    --> Even more awsome would be, if one could select different colors for outlining the group, when selected/hovering

    - Make items selectable/linkable through "already placed"

    - make groups /linked items easly loaded into a or saved as a draft

    - Linked Items Edit

    Make Linked items Editable fully, with all features: Currently scaling does not work.

    - Measurement Feature

    Please introduce measurements on items as well as angles for rotation etc.

    - Mirroring feature

    A lot of things have unique shapes or patterns which can be kinda frustrating sometimes. I simple mirroring function would be nice

    - Editing mode. Having a toggable mode for editing, that only moves camera and not the character (currently abusing photo mode) would be nice. Also in this mode, one should be able to have either neutral lighting, or toggle night/day. it's sometimes rly annoying if there is different lighting/shadow while building stuff

  • - An extra category in Crafting: "Placed items". Which shows all items placed in the list, and also shows how many of each individual items are placed.