Two New Raids Inbound!

  • SOLO_Raid_news01.jpg

    Swords of Legends Online is proud to present two new raids: pluck up your courage, defeat challenging bosses and scoop up amazing rewards!

    Ruins of Nuowu (Normal)

    The entrance to the ruins can be found in the Shanghuai Grassland. At the end you must face the Plaguebringer, an enemy highly imbued with the power of dark qi, who will use whirlwinds of soul qi against you. Watch out for its sweeping scythe attacks!


    Ice World (Normal)

    You’ll find the entrance to the raid on the Baxian Plateau. If its name is already giving you cold feet, then your courage will have veritably frozen by the time you meet the boss. But the Jadewater Spirit will give you such a roasting, you’ll soon forget the frigid wastes around you!

    Both raids (normal) start at 12 PM (server time) following the weekly maintenance. They can be unlocked once per week and reset every Thursday at 6 AM (server time).

    Good luck!

    The SOLO Team