Patch notes: Extreme Dungeons Await

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    We’ve heard your pleas and are happy to bring you harder challenges ahead of time – two extreme dungeons with Patch 1.0.8 on September 2nd, 2021!

    Extreme Difficulty Dungeons

    The extreme difficulty is unlocked for two of our existing dungeons first – the Yemo City in Wuzhao (entrance in the Heavenly Ridge) as well as the Nightmare Temple of Mercy (entrance in the District of Chang’an).

    The remaining 3 dungeons will follow in a patch later in September, while Extreme Raids are scheduled for October – more on our roadmap here: Swords of Legends Online – Community Update

    What’s Extreme about this?

    The two dungeons are expecting to have equipment with an average gear score of 70 – players going above this GS will automatically be adjusted to count as 70, so you can’t outgear these difficulties!

    Next to this, the following limitations will also apply to assure difficulty remains constant:

    • Maximum talisman level is capped at tier 2
    • The maximum gear upgrade level is capped at 6
    • Socketed jades are capped at tier 3
    • Soulforce effects won’t be applicable

    On the plus side – giving the extreme modes a try won’t cost you any durability, as you’re not taking any penalties for it in them!

    So it’s all about my gear being capped?

    Next to making sure that nobody can outgear the dungeon, there’s also a variety of novelties in them to spice up the fights!

    New enemies can be found on your way to the bosses – as well as new mechanics being available when fighting the bosses. You’ll need to learn how to defeat these bosses with their extended set of attacks to be able to clear these dungeons!

    Heroic War Souls

    While your Soulforce-Sockets are disabled, you will be able to select one of eight possible buffs while in the dungeon. You’ll start out with a total of 6 “Heroic War Souls” in the temporary inventory and can exchange one for a buff of your choice with the special “Wanderer of the Great Battle”-NPC.

    You can combine multiple buffs if you so wish or stack the same buff a couple of times.

    Your loot

    As rewards for your troubles, you’ll get Hero Tokens (tracked in your “Currency”-tab in the inventory) that can be exchanged at the already known Qin League Merchant “Zou Qi” in Cloudrise (Yaotian Palace).

    Get yourself a unique title or moon pendant, or the “Treasure Book of the Steady Surge”, which you can use later to upgrade the fortune level of your level 75 or level 90 (available later in September) gear!

    Various Details

    • Dungeons open starting Sunday, September 5th at 12:00 (server time)
    • One weekly drop per boss (same as hard mode dungeons).
    • The weekly reset for extreme dungeons is on Sundays at 06:00 AM (server time)

    Other Patch Content


    Item Level 70 Accessories were added to the Battle of the Continents Jewellery Shop.


    Battle Pass

    Battle Pass Season 1 (Summer Theme) will end with this patch release – make sure to claim all your unlocked rewards before the maintenance start!

    Season 2 will start with the release of patch 1.0.8, and it will require a new unlocking voucher. Further details about this new season will be provided in a separate announcement during the maintenance.

    Summer Event

    The summer event will end with server maintenance. Please note that the respective activities and reward NPCs will stop being available at that time.

    Note: The Shop NPC is still available and Tokens can be used till September 9th, 2021.


    • The Land of Emerald Clouds Merchant incorrectly sold appearance items from the ‘Sand Island Inhabitan’ series, which were unusable. The shop now sells the correct item set ‘Flowing Waves’ and any purchases of the wrong set have been replaced with the correct one.
    • Adapted Shop content in the Prestige Menu for “Heaven’s Children – White Crane Temple” and “Mysticism - Jiahe Ancestral Temple” to only display available items.
    • Astral Blessings are now correctly displayed in Garden of Blades.
    • Fixed some UI issues.
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