Internal server error will not allow me to access the game.

  • Hello everyone, I am currently trying to connect to the games and I am having internal connection server issues '' Internal server error ''.

    I have seen people advise to disable antivirus ect but nothing works.

    Does anyone have the same kind of concerns right now?

  • Hello Chimersinistre,

    Have you tried to run SOLO's .exe application with Administrator permissions? If you haven't please try this and if it doesn't work please escalate to sending a ticket in to support.



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  • Hi Azula, thank you for your answer, I did the manipulation that you advise me but its still gives me nothing, I created a ticket for my problem, I hope that it will be resolved soon enough ^^

  • It's all good I solved the problem, I wondered if the game was not missed by an update or that one of my files was corrupted suddenly I uninstalled and deleted everything the remaining game files, I re-installed everything and I was able to connect. :)

  • Awesome, I'm glad you were able to get back in and thank you for informing us!

    As troubleshooting seems to have solved your inquiry, I'll go ahead and close this thread.


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