Healing faction active party members in pve combat

  • When fighting a Demon training boss, I have encountered issues trying to heal people.

    The first time I was in faction mode and couldn't heal a person of another faction even though we were in the same fight. I can see how this couldn't be considered a bug, but we were working toward the same goal.

    I've had issues healing other people who were in faction mode when I wasn't in faction mode but I didn't pay close enough attention to see if we were in opposing factions until yesterday.

    1) I was not in faction mode (bard, mysticism)

    2) Two people in my team were in faction mode (reaper and either a berserker or spearmaster)

    3) we were in the same faction

    4) I could heal them intermittently but not the entire length of the fight. I was a bard so i tried spamming both group heal and the direct heal.

    I am not sure what rules the game is supposed to follow if people in opposing faction modes join the same party, but I checked and both of them were in the same faction as i was.

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