Voices-overs in multiple languages

  • I have fully read through the FAQ and understand that English is the only language voice-overs are available for in this version of the game. I would like to request that other languages be available down the road. I understand it was stated in the FAQ that the Chinese voice-overs will not be available, but I hope that if there's enough interest in it, and the game is successful enough, it be added to this version.

    It offers so much more immersion to hear the original voice-overs. Offering multiple language voice-overs also appeals to a much wider audience (Genshin Impact is a good example of this). I fully understand there are limitations to everything and decisions to limit things have to be made, but I do hope that one day, even if it isn't in 2021, we'll be able to hear something other than English.

    If anyone reading this also wants other language voice-over options, voice your opinion/support please :thumbup:

  • i hope that the original voice is available ..i need to hear it ..the subtitle is better in english

    Sadly not :(

    Quoted from their FAQ at: Swords of Legends Online FAQ

    What languages are supported?

    • The game is fully translated into English, German and French. Voice-overs are provided in English with subtitles in English, German and French. The Chinese voice-overs will not be available.
  • 1 m of silence

    ty f info is sad ..well still m hyped for this game

  • I wanted to suggest/ask the same thing - or at least part of it.
    Personally i don't want to waste ressources on new Dubs - but i truly HOPE/WISH that somehow, the chinese dub will be made available.

    • Vorrei tanto sapere da gameforge, tralasciando l'ovvio inglese, perchè solo tedesco e francese la lingua di gioco, perchè per svagarmi qualche ora rilassarmi devo pensare e parlare in un'altra lingua.

      Siete così asini alla gameforge che non sapete tradurre e doppiare in italiano, o è una forma di rappresaglia?

      O peggio ancora direi che è una forma subdola e malevola di discriminazione verso un popolo e verso una lingua bellessima e complessa che voi ignoranti non potrete mai capire, nonostante cerchiate in giro per l'ITALIA persone qualificate di lingua madre per insegnare in alcune scuole e anche in alcune università europee la lingua italiana.

      Spero che gli italiani anche se ne dubito vi boicottino.
  • I think English is the only additional voice-acting language they will have the resources to create. But I really do hope they will consider making the original Chinese voice-acting available as an option in the settings. I know a lot of people prefer the original VA in these types of games for the sake of immersion, or just better quality in general.

    The Chinese VA is already done and will continue to be handled by the developer. So all it would take is including it in the client and adding an option to switch to those voice files via the system settings.

  • I wanted to suggest/ask the same thing - or at least part of it.
    Personally i don't want to waste ressources on new Dubs - but i truly HOPE/WISH that somehow, the chinese dub will be made available.

    I agree on that. More dubs are a waste of time, but Chinese would be awesome. I do not speak Chinese, but it surely adds to the atmosphere of the game to have the characters speak a language that fits the setting.

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  • I would like to listen to the game voiceovers in Chinese with English subtitles, and as some people like English voiceover would be nice to be able to change to English voiceover as well.

    It already there, so it shouldn't be too hard to be added, right?

  • They really should consider it, because its kinda lame to play an asian mmorpg without an asian voiceover like chinese, japanese or korean.

    As we said during Q&A stream, we heard the request of the community and we are discussing the possibility with WS - although it may not be possible to add CN VOs before game release.

    The game is not localized in Japanese and Korean, therefore there are no plans to make voice-overs for these languages.