New Items and Battle Pass

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    Head on over to the shop today and check out some of the new cosmetic items we have on offer for your immortal heroes! You can also play for exclusive items during the Battle Pass season, some of them even if you don’t have a Premium Pass. You’ll find everything you need to know in this news post!

    New Shop Items

    Fantastic new offers in the Crimson Coin shop will be available as of 14th October (after the server update).

    • Steal the show in the brand-new Sen Luo costume set. You’ll also receive a unique teleportation animation along with the outfit that’s just perfect for the spookiest time of the year.
    • If you purchase a Premium Pass between 14th October (after server maintenance) and 21st October (11:59 PM server time), you can also snap up a voucher for the Sen Luo outfit! This gives you a 10% discount on the Sen Luo costume items in the Crimson Coin Shop. Note: The voucher isn’t redeemed automatically in the shop. To use it, you’ll need to collect it from your inbox first. You’ll then be able to redeem it when purchasing a Sen Luo costume item any time from 14th October to 18th November (11:59 PM server time).


    The Battle Pass

    The Battle Pass is available from 14th October to 18th November (starting and ending at 6 AM server time). Complete dungeons, PvP battles and other game activities every day to earn progress for Battle Pass milestones.

    You’ll receive tokens for completed tasks depending on the activity. You can earn up to 10 of these tokens every day. Once you’ve accumulated enough for the next milestone, you can collect your reward!


    Achieving milestones grants you access to freely available rewards (listed under ‘For Everyone!’ in the table below), such as better gear and cosmetic items.

    Premium Pass holders (available for 1,900 Crimson Coins in the shop) will also unlock exclusive, high-quality cosmetic items.

    To ensure the system is fair for all players, Premium Pass holders won’t receive any items that would give them an unfair advantage in the game, such as boosting character stats or accelerating their progress.



    For Everyone!

    Tokens Reward Quantity
    10 Crystal Dust 300
    30 Player Card Background/Board (Set): Sen Luo’s Dreamland (Series) 1
    60 Diligent Immortal Gift III 1
    100 Player Card Frame: Sen Luo’s Dreamland (Series) 1
    130 Coin Bag 1
    160 Avatar: Whistling Blades 1
    180 Twin-Jade Vessel 1
    210 Incognito 1
    240 Soulforce Chest 8

    Premium Pass

    Tokens Reward Quantity
    Upon unlocking Avatar Frame: Sen Luo’s Shadow 1
    10 Player Card Sticker Set: Sen Luo’s Dreamland (Series) 1
    20 Red Devil Mask 1
    40 Point Shop Currency 1,000
    60 Crystal Dust 300
    90 Winds of Time 1
    120 Colourful Carp Kite 1
    150 Point Shop Currency 1,400
    180 Double Fang 1
    200 Little Floating Sprite 1
    230 Point Shop Currency 2,000
    260 Cherry Pavilion 1


    • You can arrange the stickers from the Player Card Sticker Set: Sen Luo’s Dreamland (Series) reward on your player card however you like. Your fantasies will know no bounds here!
    • Once you’ve equipped the Cherry Pavilion reward, you can use the Dance of the Cherries skill to conjure a giant cherry tree.




    Rundown of the Battle Pass System

    • Consumables you’ve earned can be received once per character. Cosmetic items such as shop currencies can only be collected once, but can be used by any character in your account.
    • The Premium Pass can only be purchased once in the shop, and is activated automatically upon receipt. It’s seasonally exclusive; this means it is only valid for the current Battle Pass season.
    • A minimum of 26 days’ (in a 35-day period) game activity is required in order to receive all Premium Pass rewards.
    • Any progress you make on the ‘For Everyone’ milestones is taken into account when you purchase a Premium Pass! So you’ll receive your Premium rewards even if you initially collected tokens in the free area only. Example: If you’ve already collected 30 tokens when you purchase a Premium Pass, you’ll also receive the Red Devil Mask and Player Card Sticker Set: Sen Luo’s Dreamland (Series) items retrospectively! (Refer to the table.)
    • You can also send Premium Passes to your friends using the gift function in the shop.


    The SOLO Team