Chinese VAs

  • So I've already asked in collective threads within a list. But since there was never any kind of reply I've decided to make a deticated thread for it.

    Is it possible to get a list of the Chinese VAs of all the characters? There should be some list somewhere, no?

    I don't even expect Baidu links, tho it would be nice I guess.

    Is GF able to get their hands on such a list? :3

  • Zhirelia

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  • Are you kidding me?
    If I was able to read Hanzi, I wouldn't need to ask. In credits i cannot even copy them to paste and google/baidu them D: rly? (and don't tell me to use google image translator... *sigh*)

    Thanks for the screenshots tho - I see the name i was specially looking for, tho i am not sure it is THAT person or a different with the same name. And yea Hanzi...

  • - 祸烨莲 Gua Yelian
    - 五瘟戮圣镰 Plaguebringer
    - 熊绍辉 Xiong Shaohui
    - 路通天 Lu Tongtian
    i forgot who is shan kongye, sorry dont pay much attention to story or names, if you can pop a pic of him here maybe i can search for him

  • Oh, even with the Hanzi! Thank you very much! <3 at least i have an easier time searching for stuff now <3

    Shan Kongye is the guy in the underworld (one of early story quests, where you collect your souls etc)


    He does not appear anywhere else after that as far as I know/can remember