Merge Server Huaixiu(EU2) into Jiangdu(EU1)

  • Look, what's there much to say -

    every1, who is yet still playing Solo can tell that 2 Servers are unnecessary.

    All the ppl, who let themselves gettin' lured to Huaixiu at launch realized quickly

    after the short rush this game had in it's first month, going there was a big fail.

    Bunch went inactive or quitted in a nick of time, since a server switch mechanic also doesn't exist (brilliant btw...~).

    Meanwhile, Jiangdu isn't looking healthy so much either as we speak.

    - barely new PvE players, BG q's take longer and longer by the day, the Valley of Echo

    confrontation on Tue/Friday is squeezed down to 1 Branch only by now.

    Whatever time more this game has, at least put this small, declining

    Community together @Gameforge. Thx

  • dont understand why u have to merge the EU servers bcs there is crossplay for everything

    doesnt matter if its 3vs3 or 10vs10 or 15vs15 or pve or openworld ect.

    if iam right if a player has a * before his name he is from the other server

    so a merge wouldn't mean more players

    only if u would merge eu and us servers but that would be bad for the connection / ping

    and bcs of the timezone diffrence not much more players for the most of the time

  • Well tbf, there are SOME things that are restricted to own server. Such trading and relationships (i believe) for example

    Plus it would save money

  • ask any1, who's ever been in his mmo life on an lower end server, what kind of difference it makes to be there~

    yes, we got crossplay features - yet both servers still have their own economy, seperate ranking lists in PvE and PvP, their own lfg recruitment lists etc.

    When u merge this into 1,

    u can kick one server into gears again -

    bringing new ppl and guilds across the Dragonstar (ranking) List.

    Expanding the local lfg possibilities.

    We ain't gettin' new players, it's this pool of ppl and no1 else. so, at least let's be all on the same server~

  • would be positiv and negativ probably

    i mean there are Guilds with only a few members but they still stay there instead join a bigger guild

    so it could happen that this would be good for some guilds to find some new members ect. but could be that not much change throug a merge

    only one list would mean harder to get a good place so this i would say is negativ

    same place for housing same player names = allways problems for a merge ect.

    sure u can allways handle things like that but a player who has to change his name bcs someone else got his earlyer ect.

    will allways find it not funny to have to use a new name i think

    its not that iam against it only say i dont realy see big positiv changes throug it

  • I understand all the suspicion this topic brings with it.

    also, I can only speak from my own, biased daily experiences.

    Solo lacks ppl,

    lacks players to kindle competition in PvP
    lacks folks to not make PvE raid recruitments a nerve wrecking task.

    And this is the frustration I see on Eu1, so how much worse must this be on Eu2?

    Well, I get an idea by seeing how many friendlisted Huaixiu people gave up, having stopped coming online for weeks.

    Their absence I can't address to Gameforge,

    'cuz it's not in their hands to make ppl play.

    The only thing that is in their hands are the servers.

    I also don't wanna tell any1 from eu2 to simply move to eu1 - putting all their progress behind, starting anew. that's not fair and rlly, who could have told that Solo will not be able to even hold itself on two servers.

    but every1, who plays the game over Steam can tell now. this low population, again split over 2 servers - hilarious.

    Plus anyone, who ever made efforts to write a ticket to have their account moved, got directly told by GF, there are no plans to give a switch a future.

    Alright, server merge it is then.

    - to make Eu2 ppl be on the main one. bringing ppl from Huaixiu back who stopped playing recently, only 'cuz they felt stuck on the lower end server.

    - to make Eu1 (Eu2) encounter ppl and guilds they had not to compete with before. lifting up some spirits and providing a healthy challenge to certain pve/pvp aspects on Jiangdu again that are stagnated and monopolized atm.

    Making ppl come back, who only stopped recently 'cuz no challenge, too long preparation/q' times.

    The last point, before I stop this wall of text @Gameforge: I mean this to happen now.

    Not in old gameforge style, waiting till Huaixiu is a broken wasteland of a server, barely in need to lift a finger to transfer any player data. The community on both servers needs a fresh wind now. And u know, u aren't getting any real new players soon. The announced, upcoming updates will not at all be enough; the fox class next year is too far away and will most probably collide with the release of LA, so forget about counting on that~

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  • Is this content in any way even possible on EU2 Server? (@Gameforge)

  • Unless you plan on doing an heavy marketing campaign soon (like real soon, not SOON™) I feel like merging them would be nice. I have a friend in eu2 and he said it's depressing right now and confirmed everything said in this thread (pretty much dead chat, very few people around etc)

  • same place for housing same player names = allways problems for a merge ect.

    They could just give a free server transfer item or wtv in shop but people who do that have to pay without their own money/gold for name change and housing lot. This is also an option.

    They can also make a poll for it and see how many want to transfer.

    There are options !