• Can anyone help with this? After 10-12% remaining of installation I get this thing. Remaining space about 27G on the disk. Can't get in support section. It's horribly laggy. I barely could

    get in the forum...">

  • The embedded image is too small

    Try alt+print or ctrl+print(and paste/edit + save in paint) and just post the link after uploading the image

    Since there is only 1 red message, you can also just type it out

    For the lag there are 2 possible explanations based on the information provided:

    -either you are out of disk space(windows-button + E to check)

    -or some process is wasting pc resources in the background (ctrl+shift+escape* to check via task manager, pc restart to fix)

  • I don't know what the issue is.

    I just pointed out, that the picture was too small, so a tech person can actually see what the problem is.

    You can try to delete wherever you installed into and choose a new folder.

    For safe measure you can put that folder directly into the disk(D:\Swords of Legends Online) with any preferred folder name.

    When i mentioned pc resources, i was trying to provide general purpose help, because it seemed like you were having lag on your pc and your forum character was showing online and you seemed to be stuck there for an hour or two. I'm not an expert, i was just trying to help based on my experience with windows.

    Isn't your first screenshot showing the problem;

    you want to install the game in a file which is protected?

    If so, please select another file in which the setting isn't set on protection

    or remove it in order to install the game there as wished.

    The first screenshot reads "This folder is protected."

    The second screenshot reads "Could not locate the game file. Please repair your game."

    You cannot install a game into a file, you can only install it into a folder.

    I don't know what "protected" means. My best guess would be, that either a parent folder is not suitable for installation, because it is a system folder(and windows can lock those to protect the system stability from unintended user access or viruses) or that some other program was accessing the folder.

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