Patch Notes: The Forbidden Court

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    On November 18th, Swords of Legends Online will get its first major update featuring brand new story content, multiple new zones, two raids to be added within the year, as well as competitive PvP-features to take part in.

    This and more await you in Patch 1.1 – read all the details below and check out our separate post announcing the maintenance times.

    Story & Zones


    Chapter 10 – Fox Fairy Villa – has been added to the Sword Master Adventures, unlocking new missions for you to experience.

    You need to have finished the existing quest “To the Temple of the Devastator”, then meet-up with Lilane in Cloudrise to accept the new “Mist in the Taoyuan Community II” Quest.

    This storyline will have you venture into the new Floral Palace zone, where you will meet old and new companions, as you venture deeper into the intrigue at play.


    New biographies will be added on December 9th and are to be unlocked based on your Floral Palace prestige level:

    • ID 72 – Plum Blossom Wreath
    • ID 73 – Lonesome Tree Without Blossoms
    • ID 74 – Eternal Hate

    Floral Palace

    The Floral Palace is a new regular zone that you can access via the world map (“Map of the Five Sacred Mountains”), the teleportal in the Shanghuai Grasslands, as well as other teleportation means.

    The zone will initially be used to guide you through the unfolding storyline, introducing you to the spirit foxes as a people. Later it will serve as the entrance to the new raids as well as daily tasks:

    • PvP is enabled (faction mode, rampage)
    • New Blood Ruvia enemies
    • Underworld Lantern dimension (soul journeys)
    • A world boss waits for your challenge

    This zone also contains new gathering materials, such as:

    • White Obsidian
    • Inferno Stones


    Fifty Islands of Chuyun

    The second new zone is dedicated to the alliance warfare which takes place every weekend. Players are required to enter out of wartime (i.e. daily) and hunt for resources!

    When entering the map, go and talk to Yun Chang to get the required materials for the “Ice Crystal” daily quest (also tracked in the Cultivation menu). This costs a little bit of gold – but you’ll get that back with interest once you redeem it at said NPC.

    To proceed with the quest, mount up and fly towards the small islands dispersed around the map. You’ll see resources highlighted with a beam of light when you get close to them. Use the “Ice Crystal Cloud” item you got from the quest NPC to start collecting the resources by flying through them. You need to collect 500—each collected asset will reduce your “Ice Crystal Cloud” by one—and once all are consumed, your quest will be complete.

    But beware! You will automatically enter the Faction PvP mode when entering this zone, meaning other players can attack you while you’re on the map. Should you be killed while harvesting resources, you might lose them or the “Ice Crystal Clouds” item itself, requiring you to return to the quest giver to purchase additional ones to proceed with the quest. (This applies to dying in any open world zone while in PvP mode, and is not only limited to the alliance war zone).

    Important note: You need to have been in the alliance for at least 7 days to be able to redeem collected materials for the alliance. Members that only just joined can still take part in the activity but won’t be able to redeem the materials immediately. Additionally, make sure you and your alliance share the same faction, as you won’t be able to redeem your rewards otherwise!

    Dungeon & Raids

    Memory Box

    Relive the first five dungeons from the game as a 5–10 player team! The Memory Box is a new feature that allows Immortals to experience dungeons from past contents but with rewards fitting the present.

    You can access it through the main menu > Mission > Memory Box and you will require “Dusty Training Memories” that can be purchased through the Book of Mysteries (Alt + P). After purchasing a memory, you need to activate it by right-clicking to add it to your Memory Box.

    Each time you complete a training memory, your tier of purchasable memories increases. You start off with the Tier I memory available (item level 85 enemies) and will be able to unlock up to Memory Tier V during the current patch version (item level 105 enemies).

    Depending on the tier of the purchased memory, your experience and rewards will differ:

    • More memory index (unlocks the Mysterious Parchment 105 rewards)
    • Higher gold amount
    • Better end-of-week gear reward

    At the end of each week (reset on Thursdays at 6:00 server time), you can claim a special treasure box, which will contain a piece of gear. The item level of this equipment item will depend on the highest level of cleared Training Memories you achieved (item level 105 for Tier IV & V).

    The team lead will automatically get his Training Memory redeemed upon completion of the dungeon – team members will get an item drop at the end of the run with which they too can confirm a training memory and get the rewards unlocked – simply have a training memory in your inventory and use the dropped item to redeem it.

    Important: After purchasing and/or activating the memory, you have until the next weekly reset to complete the challenge. The memory will fade after this time. You can unlock and switch between multiple memories as you please, as they remain in your inventory until completed (or until they fade).

    Sparkwood Gardens (not available on release)

    The Sparkwood Gardens is the first raid that you’ll get to experience, and its entrance will be in the Floral Palace, next to the Waterfall Stone Gate.


    • Unlocks Thursday, November 25th, at 12:00 server time
    • Group Size: 10 to 20 players

    Full details for this raid will be revealed in specific patch notes closer to when it becomes available. Further difficulty reveals will be added to a Content Roadmap like the previous content cycle.

    Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace (not available on release)

    You’ll already discover the entrance to the Forbidden Court in the Floral Palace raid while going through the story quests, as it’s located on the lowest floor of the Double Wisdom Hall.


    • Unlocks Thursday, December 9th, at 12:00 server time
    • Group Size: 10 to 20 players

    Full details for this raid will be revealed in specific patch notes closer to when it becomes available. Further difficulty reveals will be added to a Content Roadmap like the previous content cycle.

    Instanced PvP

    A new season starts in all PvP-related activities—bringing with it reset rankings and new rewards! Check our separate post for more details on reset contents and items.

    Garden of Blades (3v3 Arena)

    Our second season for the Garden of Blades will begin on Thursday, November 25th, at 6:00 server time! Throw yourself into the “Yunjin” season and climb the ranks anew—alone or with your team!

    In addition to the regular rewards per won game, you’ll also be able to unlock new themed rewards fitting the season—an exclusive title with animated background, an avatar and frame combination, as well as a unique themed vanity item—the “Cloud Song”.

    If all team members are using their DPS masteries, the buff you can get at the beginning will now increase your defence by 35% (was 30%).

    Battle Squad

    As with the 3v3 arena, a new Battle Squad season will also start off a week into Patch 1.1—get your 3-player premade ready to battle against other teams to reach the top of the rankings!

    In the “Yunjin” season you’ll be able to unlock the “Light Feather among the Clouds” title as well as the unique “Ride the Wind and Fly on Clouds” emote, letting you show everyone what you achieved!


    Battle in the Sands

    The Battle in the Sands is a new battleground added to the game for 20 players, featuring a phase of every immortal for themselves, followed by a 10v10 team fight in which one player from each team fights as a huge golem!

    The first phase is a free-for-all where you fight on your own against all other players, scoring points the more enemies you defeat. At the same time, you can pick up special resources dropped by a monster on the map, which will allow you to be selected as the golem in stage 2!

    In the 10-player group phase, players are required to grab runes that appear on the map to heal their golem, while keeping the enemy team in check! The first group to collect 3 runes leaves the battlefield victorious.

    The Battle in the Sands is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 PM until 1 AM the following day, as well as Saturdays from 1 PM until 1 AM the following day. Get ready to rumble in this new mode—it’ll be up and running immediately the day after patch release!

    Land of Emerald Clouds

    Opening times for the Land of Emerald Clouds have changed to make space for the Battle in the Sands. It’s now available Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 PM until 1 AM the following day, as well as Sundays from 1 PM until 1 AM the following day.

    The weekly quest for this content will now be switched between the Land of the Emerald Clouds and the Battle in the Sands every Thursday at 6 AM.

    Alliances: Relationships


    A new menu has been added to the alliance interface, which allows your guild to either ally itself with others and thus share a common pool of fighting Immortals, or to declare a feud/war against other guilds—allowing open world PvP between the two opposing groups without accumulating any negative qi. Your alliance must have reached level 3 and consist of at least 10 members to be able to declare these.


    To declare a pact, simply write the name of the guild into the corresponding field and add a text defining the pledge you’re making. Ideally communicate with the leader of the selected alliance beforehand to clarify intentions and shared goals, as they will have to accept your pact request.

    When in a pact, alliances can pool their members in attacking or defending activities in the “Sea of Clouds” Battle, a new type of weekly content added with patch 1.1 (more details below). Alliances in a pact also share a common chat channel to interact with one another.


    A feud allows members of two opposing alliances to fight each other in the open world, without losing any of their positive qi. Feuds need to be accepted by the opposing alliance leader.


    Declaring a war is similar to declaring a feud, with two main exceptions. For one thing, you need to invest quite a lot of resources when sending the war declaration (Alliance Funds, as well as new materials from the Fifty Islands of Chuyun). But by doing so you don’t need to wait for the opposing guild to accept the declaration—it’s active immediately!


    The alliance leader can now decide that the alliance should be associated with one of the two factions “Heaven’s Children” and “Mysticism” or stay neutral in the Qin League.

    If either of the two factions is chosen, this means that only members with that same affiliation can be recruited (and the existing members all need to fit to the choice made, otherwise it cannot be made).

    If an alliance stays neutral, players of all factions can join.

    Related Sidenote

    In our previous communication earlier this year, we highlighted a “Faction Combat” Mode to be added in addition to the daily activities in the Valley of Echoing Blades. Due to the expected performance of this mode within the current game engine, we have decided to exclude it from this content release, and revisit it at a future date.

    Alliances: Sea of Clouds

    The Sea of Clouds is a new weekly activity in which alliances fight for the right to claim one of four floating islands (per region, i.e. EU & NA) as their own for the coming week.

    In a 60 vs 60 scenario, two alliances (which can include pacts) fight to show who’s the most powerful—one side plays to defend their existing claim, while the other acts as the invaders trying to take control. To invite Pacts, guild leaders get 10 “Reinforcement Decrees” per pact upon being selected to attack or defend an island. They can then trade these Decrees with the members of the Pact-Alliance, so that these can decide to join in the GvG map on Saturday.

    The first registration period will be one week after patch release (November 25th) and the first conflict will take place on November 27th. This will allow every alliance to prepare themselves accordingly (gathering the required resources).

    Alliance Registration

    Registrations open every week on Thursdays, starting at 11 AM (server time), and close on Fridays at 6 PM (server time). The alliance leader needs to check in the Alliance > Sea of Clouds menu which island the alliance will sign up for.

    This process requires a certain number of resources (gathered during the week)—check our earlier explanation about the “Fifty Islands of Chuyun” for more info about these.

    Rules for the sign-up process:

    • If an island is unclaimed (as it will be on the release of patch 1.1, or any time upkeep costs went unpaid), the alliances that sign up for it will not require to fight any enemies to take it over. If more than one signs up for this island, the first ranked (according to the following rules) will be the defender, and the second ranked will fight them for it the same week.
    • If only one alliance signs up to claim a specific island, they are immediately selected as the attacker for the island (or if unclaimed, they get the island without combat).
    • If more than one alliance signs up to claim a specific island, two factors are used to determine which is selected to fight during this week’s conflict:
      • The number of times the alliance has not been selected as an attacker (this can accumulate over multiple weeks and gets cleared once the alliance has been selected). Signing up for 4 islands in any given week counts as “4 times not selected”.
      • The sum of all the alliance members’ “Combat Spirit” from the previous week (resets on Thursdays, so the 7 days before Thursday are counted).

    Alliance leaders can opt to sign up for more than one island per week, they can only be selected for one conflict/island, can only own one island, and will be refunded 90% of the input resources for non-selected islands. The same refund applies to alliances that sign up for an island conflict but don’t get selected that particular week.

    You can see which alliances have already signed up for which islands in this menu and make your selection accordingly.

    Fight for the Islands

    Combat between the alliances will take place on Saturdays between 8:30–9:30 PM (server time). Talk to Wang Liu (or other Managers of the Sea of Clouds battle) to enter the combat map. Combat is split into 3 different phases, the details for each side are as follows.

    Please note: Upgrades to the fortifications can only be made once you are selected as a defender or attacker. This isn’t available during the registration phase or any other time outside of the time between having been selected for attack/defend an island, and the island warfare to commence.


    In the first phase, defenders need to use their Ballista to their advantage and protect the gates to their castle. These can be upgraded before the weekly fights with Reishi Powder (one of the daily gathered resources by members).


    In the second phase, you must protect your Rune Spirits, as they grant you buffs while you’re in their vicinity—lose them, and you’ll immediately feel weaker, while your enemies are empowered! You can still use the Ballista in this portion of the fight, and the attackers will continue use their Glowing Dragons to damage them!

    The third and last phase of this conflict has your alliance defend the island’s soul source core—converge around the core and stay alive! For every member who is dead (or missing on the battlefield!) when the core energy is checked (every 30 seconds), your core loses an equivalent amount of energy. If it’s all used up, the attackers will win the conflict, but if even but an ounce remains, you’ll have successfully defended your claim to this castle!


    As attackers your first goal is to make it between through the two castle gates (main and rear). Use your “Glowing Dragons” (flying steampunk kites) to inflict damage on them! You can upgrade them beforehand using the weekly collected guild resources.

    Once through the gates, you need to weaken the defending players by attacking their Rune Spirits. For each defeated Spirit you’ll gain a buff, and you can move onwards once all four of them are done for. Beware, the Rune Spirits will be able to attack you on the ground, while the defenders can use the Ballista against you when you’re in the air!


    In the last phase your target is to kill as many of the enemy players as often as you can. Every 30 seconds, the Island Core will check how many players are dead and lose energy depending on that count. Go on a frenzy, and make sure to win the island for your alliance!


    Participation in the alliance conflicts between 8:30–9:30 PM will reward players with a certain amount of the following items (amounts varying depending on victory/defeat):

    • Gold
    • Writ of the Continents
    • Amulet Coin (Earth)
    • Bounty

    After the end of the conflicts at 9:30 PM, the results will be published within the next couple minutes and changes made effective as well (give it 5–10 minutes).

    Special accolades are distributed to all alliance members on Saturday at 10:00 PM (server time) if an island is owned, and removed the following Saturday if the island is no longer occupied:

    • “Master of [Island Name]” – given to the alliance leader
    • “General of [Island Name]” – given to the top 9 ranked players in alliance ranks
    • “Wanderer of [Island Name]” – given to all other alliance members

    After the upkeep has been paid (details in the next section), the alliance leader will also be provided the following items:

    • 1x Jade Sceptre, an exclusive flying mount. This item is permanent and tradeable, and can either be sold, or given to an alliance member (or used by the leader themselves)
    • 15x Reishi – each island has a different type of Reishi it rewards you with. This type of Reishi is required to craft the Banquet-type buff food.



    Every Wednesday at 6:00 PM (server time), the Qin League will charge island maintenance fees. This will cost you 200,000 of each of the 3 main resources (Water, Cloud and Wind Essence). If an alliance is not able to pay the basic upkeep fees, they will lose the island and it will become neutral. Be sure to help your alliance out by doing the daily Fifty Islands of Chuyun resource run!

    Note: If you have leftover Water, Cloud and Wind Essences after the fees have been deducted, these will get converted into additional “Jade Sceptre” mounts. You can get up to 5 additional mounts, though the costs are high. You need to have between 200,000 and 300,000 of each resource per additional mount (costs depend on which island you went for).

    Class Balancing

    We released our notes on class changes in a separate post a week ago. You can find the details here: The Forbidden Court: Class Changes.


    Improved the effectiveness of this stat, and corrected the issue whereby the description said that it also reduces critical damage from other players (it doesn’t).

    Astral Essences & Version Targets

    Players reaching max level (new characters as well as existing ones) will start with an increased number of Astral Points in Patch 1.1 (existing characters will also be adjusted).

    New version targets have been created (and old ones reset), which will allow all players to gather new Astral Essence experience to unlock more Astral Points.

    Leisureland Changes

    New Game Mode: Golden Sun Cage

    The Golden Sun Cage is a new minigame that you can access after 1.1 through the usual interface (CTRL + X). Immortals will form groups of 5 within this challenge and must strategically move through the maze before them to reach the last tile.


    In a hexagonal plane, each smaller hexagon represents a room/challenge. Once you clear the challenge in a room, you and your teammates can select which room to go to next, usually choosing between left, right or straight ahead. As you proceed, you will encounter a variety of challenges, be it traps trying to kill you, enemies you need to defeat, or simply treasure rooms with a reward chest waiting for you!

    Inside the Golden Sun Cage, you can’t regenerate any health through regular means (skills, elixirs). Instead, the only way to do so is through runes that you can get after clearing a room (every team member can select a rune, with each having different effects). If you die during a challenge, you’ll need to wait for your team members to revive you or finish the room (you’ll be revived automatically). If the whole team dies, you’ll need to exit the Golden Sun Cage and restart from scratch.

    Rewards contain “Solar Gold Crystals” that you can exchange at the entrance NPC in Cloudrise (Blessed Dew Terrace). You can use 200 of them in a lottery to get a random reward (crafting materials), or use 2000 for 10 draws at once to get an additional reward on top. After drawing 30 prizes in a week, you can still continue to draw more items, but each draw will also require Fortune (for up to a maximum of 70 additional draws a week). The Golden Sun Cage is available Thursdays and Sundays from 11:00 AM until 1:00 AM the following morning.


    Ranking Rewards Update

    For each rank, you will now require 400 XP, and no longer 600 (shorter season).

    The rewards for reaching specific ranks have been updated—a new costume set has been added, and the title to be unlocked has been updated to “Living in Haste” with a new pigeon animation!


    Items & Stores

    Battle of the Continents Equipment Shop:

    This trader will now offer you a starter PvP equipment set of item level 90—all you need is a little bit of gold.

    Writ of the Continents Trader:

    This trader now offers PvP gear of item levels 95, 100 and 110. Collect the required number of Writs of the Continents, as well as the specific rank/real-world date to unlock these.

    Garden of Blades Trader:

    This trader now offers PvP gear of item level 110, again either for Writs of the Continents and the new 3v3 currency, or for the 3v3 currency alone. You’ll require a specific rank to be eligible to purchase these items, and some are also only available after a specific real-world date.

    Land of Emerald Clouds Merchant:

    New rewards have been added to this merchant. You can now get the new Cloud Dream Astral Sea Set by playing the Land of Emerald Clouds and collecting its reward currency.

    Qin League Merchant:

    You can now buy up to 12 “Soulforce Chests” per week from the Qin League Merchant, and their general weekly limit has been increased to 24. The maximum Soulforce level is increased to 16.

    This merchant will also sell you “PvE Sealstone IV” with Patch 1.1 – you can purchase up to 50 a week of these and all it requires is a little bit of gold and Cloudrise Writs. The new Sealstones will also drop in the raids to be released in future updates.

    Book of Mysteries:

    As mentioned in our separate post on currencies and tokens, the stores for Mysterious Parchments 60 through 90 were removed from this menu. Instead, you’ll now be able to grab shiny new level 105 gear for your Mysterious Parchments!

    Mysterious Parchments (Current):

    The weekly limit has been changed to 12, and each drop will grant you 8 “Mysterious Parchment 105”.

    Combination Tool:

    Item tiers from the past season have been removed, and only currently relevant tiers remain accessible, namely item level 90 (patch 1.1 starter gear), 105 (normal raid content) and 120 (hard raid content).

    Heaven’s Children & Mysticism:

    A new item has been added to these faction merchants: a class and faction specific weapon skin! In addition to being in the respective faction, you also need to have reached the “Final Lament IV” PvP Tier and have 4800 Writs of the Continents on you to claim it.

    Leisureland Shop:

    The following selection of items has been added:

    • Frostbite Dragon Automaton
    • Weapon Soul
    • Recipe: Hissing Arrow
    • Bag of Winding Water and Twisting Branches
    • Filter: Cartoon
    • Recipe: Today Forever
    • Jumpy Headgear
    • Song: Festival Music of the Grasses



    New recipes for crafting elixirs can now be learned by buying them from the NPC Chingyu in Cloudrise.

    These are targeted towards players of item level 90 or above, and are still recommended for “Student 1”. Old recipes can still be learned and used.

    Socketing – Jades

    Recipes for Jades IV and V are added to the NPC Cingyu in Cloudrise and can be purchased to craft these higher tiered jades.

    Cooking: Banquets

    New banquet-type recipes have been added, which allow multiple players to get the respective buff from one item. Once crafted, you can place a dining table (by using the crafted food), and up to 30 members of your team can go and grab a 30-minute buff (the same person can grab a bite multiple times to refresh the duration, without this counting towards the “used” counter).

    All 4 added banquets have PvP-related effects (PvP healing, PvP attack, etc.). The table vanishes 5 minutes after having been placed! Recipes can be purchased through the Alliance Merchant (PvP).


    Cooking: New Recipes

    The following six regular recipes have been added:

    • Eight Dainty Delicacies
    • Jiangdu Soup with Steamed Egg
    • Boiled Cauliflower
    • Fried Tarantula
    • Fan-tail Cloud Soup
    • Braised Fish Head


    New Recipes

    Immortals can discover and craft 37 newly added recipes. Of these recipes there are 8 which have interactive elements.

    Housing Changes

    You can now exchange “Condensing Shadow” for 5000 Cloud Home Construction Notes or 5 Gold.

    Increased the maximum zoom for residence items from x2 to x4.

    Fixed issues where unlockable crafting recipes could not be crafted due to unavailable materials; the required materials have been adjusted accordingly.


    Gear Info Highlight

    A previously requested feature has been added to the game: instead of only reminding you about your PvE gear when challenging the NPC in the Chang’an Arena, this system has now been extended to further contents as well.

    As such, you’ll now also get a reminder when entering a Battleground or Arena with PvE gear, or if you’re in a dungeon with PvP gear. Additionally, an option has been added to the game settings to disable these reminders.

    Battle Pass

    The Battle Pass Season 3 (Halloween) will end with this patch release. Season 4 will start after the maintenance and will require a new unlocking voucher. Further details will be provided in a separate announcement.

    Companion Recruitment

    Companions can now be levelled up to level 120, and new materials were added that provide more XP to do so.

    The existing materials can still be used, though the XP they provide remains unchanged.

    Jade Helper Scroll

    The weekly Jade Helper Scroll has been removed in Patch 1.1 (the mentor system & NPC remain).