Patch 1.1 The Forbidden Court - Known issues

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    Hey Immortals,

    Below we have compiled a list with all known bugs for you, which we are currently working on resolving together with the developers.

    Additionally, we have also added a few points that are intended changes but weren't properly communicated. We hope this helps clean up the confusion!

    [Known issue list - reported/worked on]

    • Spearmasters that already unlocked glyphs in a previous patch don't have the new "Battle Raid" Glyph unlocked.
    • "Writing as a Daoist Approach" weekly event asks for Biographies that are not available.
    • Instance Escort buff gets removed inside extreme modes of instances or raids.
    • Several makeup options in Appearance Change in the Crimson Coin Shop are missing an icon and they do nothing.
    • The Heroic Events in the Floral Palace Map do not count for the Battle Pass.
    • Some monsters in Shanghuai Grasslands got increased item level.
    • Restrictions for Extreme Modes (both dungeons and raids) no longer apply.
    • Gallant Knight Box can only be crafted once per Account.
    • Talisman III are missing from the Combination Tool.
    • Blood Ruvia Skills no longer automatically appear, when a player gets closer to the Blood Ruvia monster zone.
    • "First Interpretation of the Book of Mysteries II" still asks players to buy the lvl 60 box.
    • "Imprint of the Shadow of the Turquoise Jade" will only show Pose 1. If it was set up before the update they still show the correct pose.
    • "First Interpretation of the Book of Mysteries I" quest counter increases when teleporting.
    • The Daily Mission "Instance Exploration" does not count for the version target to complete Instance Expedition x times.
    • The Daily Mission "The Battle of the Continents" is missing the text for the description and target.
    • Characters are not displayed in quest's "Mist in the Taoyuan Community II" completion dialogue.
    • Skill shouts show Chinese names of the skill.
    • Fertility Stone is needed to craft some residence items, although it can not yet be obtained in our version.

    [Additional notes - intended changes]

    • If the Version Targets in the new patch are the same as in the old one, the player will not get Astral Essence a second time. You can still complete them for the costume.
    • Note Melody can no longer interrupt Autumn Water if it is on the auto cast.
    • Garden of Blades Quest for Battle Pass will only count once the season has started.
    • Pet skills currently claim they require lvl 110 to be upgraded further - while this is misleadingly phrased, it is intended that they aren't available yet. They will be unlockable once lvl 120 is introduced at a later point.
    • Equipment Recipes for Item Level 90 Equipment are still available, but no longer needed for the Progression. Therefore their cost will not be updated to a new currency.