All mounts flyable~

  • Yo I have the simple suggestion:

    Make all mounts flyable? Except for maybe - only maybe, Chang'An there is no advantage on summoning a ground-only mount vs flyingmounts or simply just running and jumping.

    Also pure p2p players would not be stuck on a single flying mount.

  • I guess non flying mounts are more for immersion if a player decides to take an "RP" ride through the woods instead of getting there as fast as they can.

    Personally I do use my fairy elk quite a bit.

    Probably because it looks cool and yeah I didn't buy another flying mount yet.

    So far the only other "free" flying mounts I know of are tied to factions prestige and alliance wars.

  • True i forgot about those pvp stuff as I don't do pvp.

    But yea, even if there is "Immerson" blabla for RP (yes im also an RP person), havint he OPTION is always better. Noone stops anyone from just running on ground with their mounts. but personally I don't use the ground mounts for anything but decorating my home.
    Especially those dropped from rates. Which is kinda hard to get (weekly limited, RNG if drop, RNG for roll), it's not worth it other for collection value i guess.

  • Zhirelia

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