Swords of Legends Online: The Dungeons

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    In Swords of Legends Online you’ll find yourself battling through a host of action-packed dungeons on your adventures. In this preview, we want to share a brief overview of the first 5 dungeons which will be available in different difficulties on release.

    Yemo City in Wuzhao

    The royal house of the Wuzhao is situated near the Yinsheng Spring, a place sacred to the God of Death. Once on the cusp of victory, the people of Hezhao recognised too late the enormous price they had to pay to keep the divine swords in check.

    Players venturing into this dungeon must face off against Wu Yeyu, who was directly exposed to the explosion of the Demonsword. The devastating impact of this evil cost her not only her humanity, but her sanity. However, it also left her much stronger than before, making Wu Yeyu an exceedingly tough opponent.

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    Nightmare Temple of Mercy

    Any trace of the peaceful calm that once epitomised this temple has long since disappeared. Whoever trespasses on this once hallowed ground enters a hell beyond all hope. The source of this bane is the Stranger’s Sword, bathed in negative qi.

    The temple is lorded over by the Nightmare sprung from the sword itself. In appearance, it manifests itself in the guise of the General Wu Rui, but it is far more bloodthirsty and twisted than he. In any event, it is the most dangerous nightmare in the dream world.

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    Frostbitten Path

    In the mountains behind the Qingliangzhai fortress, a series of winding tunnels twist and snake their way through the rock. Meijia has made this place her own, to pave a way through to the valley of Xiongli. Anyone tempting to step foot in these tunnels must steel themselves for a wicked surprise, as Meijia’s great demons stand ready to fend off any intruders and win time for her malevolent plans.

    Heroes venturing into the depths will eventually stand confronted by the giant spider Han Yi. Many years ago, she was one of Xiangliu’s proudest soldiers. But following his death, Han Yi sought refuge – until eventually walking into the welcoming arms of Meijia.

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    Chou Prison

    Under the previous dynasty, many criminals found their bitter end in this dank and uninviting dungeon. Chou Prison comprises a series of watery passages running out in all directions. It has now become a lair for all manner of sinister beast, and a place for Li Xiaotang to test the Yishang Sword in a gruesome battle.

    The ultimate challenge in Chou Prison is Tongpi. His impressive bronze armour protects him from all attacks, and thanks to Zhong Wuchi’s sorcery, he is capable of manipulating the five elements to his own benefit.

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    Raging River Ruins

    Fifty years ago, the Devastator Sect erected a series of altars and temples in Jiangdu. Following the great battle against the schools, the altars were torn down, one after the other, until all trace of them was eliminated. Yet with the appearance of the Plaguebringer, those ruins have been revealed once again – and with them the shadowy evil that grows stronger with every passing day.

    Anyone entering the ruins will soon make their acquaintance with the Spring Plague General. Created by Nuowu, he is a powerful combatant whose Soulforce is closely bound to the Raging River Ruins themselves. If he comes under threat, the entire temple complex will be his ally.

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