Patch Notes: Forbidden Court (Hard)

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    Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace - Hard

    • Unlocks Thursday (January 13th) at 12:00pm server time
    • Can receive loot once per boss per week, resets Thursdays at 06:00am server time
    • Recommended Item Level: 115
    • Drops: Level 120 Gear, PvE Sealstones IV, Weapon & Bracer Talisman III Recipes, Crafting Recipes, high quality crafting materials, etc
    • Matchmaking: you can only enter the raid manually; no automatic matchmaking is available.

    Memory Box

    • Memory Box levels up to level 8 are now available.
    • You now get Mysterious Parchment 120 with the Memory Index

    Jade Helper Scroll

    • Jade Helper Scroll was opened again
    • Players with Item Level below 105 will count as Novices


    • Weekly limit of Mysterious Parchment (Current) was increased to 16
    • Mysterious Parchment (Current) transforms into
      • 14 Mysterious Parchment 105
      • 8 Mysterious Parchment 120
    • Weekly limit of Soulforce Chest was increased to 36
    • Reward of weekly “Training against Demons” has been increased


    • Duck Float can be equipped again
    • Changed crafting Materials for some Residence Items that required unobtainable Items
    • Residence Item “Silk Snow Pouch” now displays the correct Icon
    • Changed reward of Novice Growth Quest “Reach PvE Gear Level 60” to Cloudrise Writ
    • Several Loca and UI Improvements