Merge Eu2 into Eu1

  • Hello,

    In this Thread I want to suggest, merging EU2 into EU1.

    Here are some Reasons Why:
    If you have your Character on Eu2, you see people from EU1 in different Areas, but when you open a Recruitment or ask for a Question in World Chat, everyone ignores you because EU2 is way less populated. If you run a Raid with people from EU1, they cant trade you their left over Raid drops, because of the Server difference. If you want to join a Guild that is not on EU2, you cant. It feels like you are playing with bots because you see people all the time but literally no one writes with you in the global chats,

    Please Gameforge, with 2.0, merge them together. The Community is not very big. Just bring them together. We all would benefit because it would feel like a population boost for both servers.

    Fellow Players, please add your reasons why GF should merge the servers. Tell them your Storys.

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