Patchnotes: Year of the Tiger

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    Patchnotes: Year of the Tiger

    Update 1.1.11 will bring a new event to enjoy taking part in and will in addition also unlock the extreme difficulty of the Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace!

    Chinese New Year Events

    A variety of events are added to SOLO on January 27th, which can be enjoyed until February 17th. The details of the various activities are described in a separate news – so stay tuned.

    Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace

    Venture back into the Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace starting January 30th to challenge your enemies in the extreme difficulty!

    • Unlocks Sunday (January 30th) at 12:00 server time
    • Loot can be received once per boss per week, resets Sundays at 06:00 server time
    • Recommended Item Level: 120
    • Drops: Variety of pet items and songs, as well as Hero Tokens – Floral Palace
    • Matchmaking: you can only enter the raid manually; no automatic matchmaking is available.


    Battle Pass

    You’ll start to get additional progress towards the battle pass through various actions, as well as have a higher daily cap of 13 points per day!

    Hero Token – Floral Palace (February 10th)

    The tokens you’ll get in the extreme raid can be exchanged for a variety of exclusive items in the Hero Token – Floral Palace Shop starting February 10th! Head over to Zou Qi in Cloudrise after the maintenance on that day, and exchange it among others for items such as:

    • A new accolade
    • Exclusive Weaponskins for each class
    • Items to increase the quality level of your gear

    What’s next?

    Thursday, February 17th

    The current PvP-Season is scheduled to end on February 17th (with the server maintenance). After this, it’s still possible to enter the various PvP activities, though they’ll be set into the “Training Mode” (no ranking or match making points gained) until the next season starts.

    Garden of Blades 

    Players of rating 2300 or below will be granted more rating points upon winning, to allow players to catch-up to higher ratings before the end of the current season. 

    Battle of the Continents 

    Players that accumulate 2400 Combat Spirit between the maintenances of January 27th and February 3rd, will reach the rank “Crimson Moonlight III” if they’re currently below it.  


    • Item level 120 Gear is now available in the Combination Tool
    • Equipment upgrades help window now lists further tiers of Talismans and Gemstones
    • Camera Movement in Landscape Camera Mode now works correctly after entering Residence Building Mode
    • Chat restrictions were slightly adjusted to make it harder to avoid them
    • Memory Box bosses will now reset to the correct HP if a character logs in mid fight