Information about new classes

  • Hello, I have seen the game going F2P and releasing new classes, may give it a try. Would like to ask some questions about the new classes.

    If i'm not wrong, the new classes have the next roles:

    - Crystal Warrior: DPS/TANK

    - Spirit Warrior: DPS/TANK

    - Fox: Healer/DPS

    So here are my questions:

    1- Main gameplay differences between Crystal and Spirit Warrior?

    2- How do this classes perform in PVE/PVP?

    4-Which one do you believe will be more sought after for lategame content? ( e.g. WoW has high demand for tanks for dungeons but in lategame raid content healers are more scarse. In the case of Tera is the opposite, there is too many healers that it' feels harder to find party than a DPS, while Tanks are in high demand).

  • 1.

    Not really.

    2. and 4.

    In China, the game is pretty well balanced. It all depends on the player. (and Gs ofc, but thats obvious).

    + Don't mention WoW or Tera. It's a completely different story... 8o:D
    (So far it's not unbalanced or FOTM chars like in WOW - Mop - Frost DK.......for example)

    Play with whichever class you like. What if you don't like the class when it hits max level ?

    I leveled all class to max, then I deleted the ones I didn't like.

    If you really want to fit any playstyle, create 2 char with different roles.
    For me, now I have my Summoner, can be Heal/DPS, and Berserker Tank/DPS.

    And the most important is to =

    That's my Tips/opinions Koihime.
    Take care !:saint:

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