[FATAL] OS Crash on graphic ingame unknown bug

  • I have a recurrent fatal bug with the game since the Floral Palace update.

    On a small mouse move or in auto flying the whole graphic service crash and freeze the OS.

    Bug has been reproduced in both steam window 10 (updated) and steam proton (linux based)

    In the first place it happened on only 2 maps (Shanguai and Floral Palace), with my secondary character. But since 2 weeks, it also happened in Cyan and pvp map mode with both characters.

    Note that Win 10 crash on pvp map and instance. Proton in Shanguai, Floral palace, Cyan (didn't test Cyan on Windows).

    It's now more and more frequent in both OS.

    No log, give clues.

    process tried to fix the issue:

    - Tested with and without KVM for mouse and kb,

    - Tried different nvidia driver version in both OS.

    - repair files.

    - game complete reinstall.

    Nothing works.

  • Hey ! What's up ?

    Don't forget to give the community as much information as possible about your system setup !

    - Processor (Model + GHZ )
    - Graphic Card (Brand + Amount of GRAM + if Nvidia > Ver. Driver)
    - RAM amount + XXXX GHZ ( Dual / Quad Channel )
    - Windows 10/11 specifical version ( You can type on you'r keyboard the following : Windows + R > "winver" > enter | And Screenshot. )

    + : Did you have change something about you'r setup before this problem ?

  • Zhirelia

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  • Hardware :

    CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor × 12

    GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/PCIe/SSE2

    RAM : 32Go

    DD : SSD 512Go WD

    game DD : SSD 512GO Sam

    Software : Launcher Steam

    OSes :

    Windows 10 v2019

    Linux 5.16 on Mate/Gnome Fedora 34

    No setting changes before and during the tests.

    Note the before Floral Palace update, I have expereinced no bug at all.

    Note also, since yesterday night I suppect character switch as a possible cause. I will try this evening, even if I'm not enthusiat on crashing my PC again.

  • Question : Where do I send logs ?

    Meanwhile, here is the end of gujianol.log file on crash (steam proton).

    (Note that at the moment, the bug has not been reproduced on windows since the last crash four days ago, so no log to provide).

    2/11 #1:

    20:48:32 ERROR Errors on fire event INPUT.INPUT_MODE_CHANGE

    20:52:42 Error: Animation file "characters/nil/anims/idle_1.hka" do not exist!

    20:52:42 Error: VDynamicMesh::FillBoneWeightStreams: exist vertex no skinning info! mesh name: vfx/meshes/eff_bat_201/eff_bat_201.model vertex count :151

    2/11 #2

    =[C] : -1

    21:44:48 ERROR Errors on fire event INPUT.INPUT_MODE_CHANGE

    21:44:59 Error: Animation file "characters/fz021a/anims/idle_normal.hka" do not exist!

    I can provide dxvk logs that give more debug traces.

    (bug report send today)