The Firestone Legacy - Fantastic New Dungeons

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    Whet your swords and get ready for battle – for the 5 new dungeons awaiting you in Swords of Legends Online! You can explore three of them the moment 2.0 goes live starting 3rd March, with the other two becoming available a little later.

    Check out the trailer:

    Firestone Grave of Dreams

    Deep beneath Changhe Mountain lies the ancestral grave of the Firestone clan. In order to protect this sacred resting place, the clan planted traps and guardians throughout the area. The deeper you descend, the more perilous the grave becomes, with the Xiefang Crypt at the end harbouring a nasty surprise for the foolhardy!




    Rotting Grotto

    This grotto was once home to a colony of jiachong. But when Zhong Wuchi’s experiments with the Dragonvein in the Changfu Garden led to his forge exploding, the grotto found itself interlinked with the forge. The jiachong have never been the same since.

    Whoever ventures into the grotto will make their acquaintance with Yao’an. Originally a student of the Pavilion of the Broken Sword, Yao’an was torn away out of love for Li Xiaotang. It was his responsibility to watch over the forge, and he was standing right next to the Demonsword when it exploded, an event which changed him forever...




    Heavenly Gate Labyrinth

    Xiongxin created this labyrinth to protect Langquan from external attack. When Zhong Wuchi destroyed the magic formation with the Unnamed Sword, its core was shattered and the power of the five elements fell into chaos. Under the influence of this chaotic energy, the labyrinth is now populated by doomed souls and creatures, among them the Cloudweaving Spider Ghost. Subject to millennia of the labyrinth’s chaos, this creature has transformed into a terrifying opponent capable of spinning perfidious webs and summoning an army of spiderlings.





    The following dungeons will be available a few weeks after the release of 2.0:

    Jubao Residence

    In this palace on Sand Island in the Southern Sea, the chanchu have hoarded their treasures for centuries. Immortal heroes who battle their way through to the residence’s treasure room will find themselves facing off against two indomitable opponents.




    Wuyu Hummock Forest

    The dreamy treetops of this forest on the edge of the Changfu Garden are almost lost in the clouds. But this is no place for a picnic: a terrifying warrior prowls among the trees!




    Have fun exploring the new dungeons!

    The SOLO Team