Product Manager Letter – Status of The Firestone Legacy

  • 2020-10-07_GU_Information_TNT_Newsheader_895x300_en.jpg

    Dear Immortals,

    Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing a lot about new content and changes coming to SOLO; the upcoming update 2.0: The Firestone Legacy, the transition to Free-to-Play and the new territories.

    We are all really excited about bringing you this content, but we are also trying to ensure everything is in a good state for release. It’s because of this that we would like to ask you for a bit more of your patience as our current progress requires us to shift the schedule back by one week.

    We are now aiming to release 2.0 as well as the Free-to-Play change and the opening of new territories on March 3rd.

    Since the game’s release, we’ve made it a point to maintain transparency with our roadmap, and it is with that same philosophy I’m bringing these news to you. The teams have been working hard on getting everything ready, but we do need this extra week to continue to work on the version before shipping it out for everyone to enjoy.

    There are also things to look forward to however: With this extra time, besides working on open issues, we will be bringing a big batch of class balance & quality of life changes for both the existing classes, as well as the new ones, into the game together with all the other changes on March 3rd.

    Additionally, there is two more adjustments that result from this schedule shift:

    • The current PvP season will be extended until February 24th.
    • The Battle Pass season will also be extended by a week and will end on March 3rd.

    I would personally like to apologize for this delay. We had openly committed to a date which we are now not holding, and I sincerely hope you will consider the additional fixes and balance changes worth the extra wait.

    We are looking forward to share the roadmap for the upcoming updates with you soon, there is still a lot more content in store for SOLO and we will be sharing some details in one of the upcoming livestreams.


    Nilin – Product Manager