Patchnotes: Starfire Season

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    Patchnotes: Starfire Season

    With Patch 2.0.2 we’ll be releasing the hard mode of our three initial dungeons – and with them start-off the item level 180 equipment! Additionally, the PvP Season “Starfire” will officially start, making you climb the ranks for glory. The Sea of Cloud competition for Alliances will also restart with this maintenance.

    Hard Mode Dungeons

    Our three initial dungeons (Firestone Grave of Dreams, Rotting Grotto, Heavenly Gate Labyrinth) will get their hard mode unlocked.

    The following details should be known about this:

    • Unlock Thursday, March 10th, at 12:00 server time
    • Group Size: 5 to 10 players
    • Require Sage 1 level
    • Will drop item level 180 gear among others
    • Loot eligibility resets weekly (Thursdays, 6:00 server time)
    • You can matchmake into the dungeons


    Garden of Blades & Battle Squad

    With the maintenance on March 10th, the new PvP season will start! From then onwards, you’ll be getting Starfire Seals and ranking progress for each match you win in the arena!

    Alliance: Sea of Clouds

    The “Ice Crystal” quest will now grant resources to your Alliance when performed, and the respective “Sea of Clouds” menu is unlocked in the Alliance interface.

    Reminder for the times of this activity (all in “server time”):

    • Registration: Thursdays 11:00 ~ Friday 18:00
    • Preparation: Friday 18:00 ~ Saturday 20:30
    • Active Battle: Saturdays 20:30 ~ 21:30
    • Tax Deduction: Wednesdays 18:00

    PvP Sealstones

    You can now purchase Sealstone I (PvP) from the PvP Merchant to enchant the item level 180~185 PvP gear should you wish to do so.

    Additionally, added a crafting recipe which allows the creation of Sealstone III (PvP).


    • Bards are no longer able to use the old effect of the Lightning Bolt Astral Blessing
    • Split Meridian Glyph is now unlocked for old Spellsword Characters
    • Blood Ruvia Skills appear again when approaching a Bounty
    • The summon Button for Battle Companions is available again on open world maps
    • Added the Rankings for the two new Book of Aeons Characters
    • Can no longer start unreleased Biographies from the Storyline menu
    • Diligent Cultivator Gift II now contains current Soulforces
    • Removed the following Housing items from the list as they currently cannot be obtained:
      • Purple Flax, Crane Orchid, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Pepper, Fish stew, Lantern 12, Lavender, Coal Basin
    • Inscribed Celestine and Elite Warrior Celestine Boxes now give current PvP Equipment
    • Avatar “New Face (Warrior)” is now available on Spirit Warrior
    • Fixed some Loca and VO issues