Still low player base after going free to play :(

  • Not sure what is Gameforge is doing on this. If we don't get more players trying out the game, might as well most active players would just eventually quit.

    Everyone was expecting that going free to play, this game would click but apparently that's not what is happening.

    Pretty sure the long queue/waiting time on getting a match making on party/instance or pvp etc is one cause of this.
    Really rare to find any mmorpg we no pay-to-win content but to get more people to love and try the game, Gameforge needs to step up.

    Get some mmo Youtubers/reviewers site and/or improve the performance issues the game has (which I think would only happen when they bring the UE update)...

    It's so sad that even I bought the premium package of the game, seeing my dead friends list both in EU and NA servers just shows how much many people are quitting.

    500-600+ in steamdb?
    This is even worse than other mmorpg private servers :(

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  • In Europe, we can do all activities and there are more players around than before 2.0, but there is a severe lack of tanks.
    But yes, the game could use more publicity and more activity would be even better. There is a lack of tanks for example, but this is true for most MMOs.

  • Who wants to tank u cant even learn mechanics for basic dungeons cant do early raids, i waited weeks to get 1 raid done i've still not finished my story, why oh why cant i take the companions i got into all dungeons and especially those beginner raids and blood ruvia weeklies, i asked for hours in global chat, i had to watch whilst the clique groups did it whilst i stood in the area watching, noice.

    I run support classes like tank/healer but why would i, cant even get to the start, i had 1 guild that take beginners help me do 1 raid then later that day he was advertising for a dungeon on hard and said he would kick ppl if not good, what sort of attitude is that who wants to be bad, the game gets to be to punishing progression with enrage timers doesn't make it a friendly game cause u cant help new players, the content is not there hard dungeon once a week, no1 is allowed to grind that out to help new players.

    i'm crafting my gear very slowly hardly anyway to make gold, i as a new player cant get alot of wat content their is done, i cant even open some bio's for story cause they are locked behind raids no1 wants to do.

    We need this game unlocked a western version, why cant we grind dungeons??? it cant make the game any worst now can it, get rid of the activity points stopping gathering crafting and fishing even opening the lil trash's bags costs them.

    Its a nice lil game not huge its got protentional but not in its present carnation.

    Has performance issues even with 15 to 20 players, means in dungeons there must be skill lags, whos being bad now :P:evil::D:*8):saint:

    This is a steam review i agree with and explains it perfectly..... apart from the cosmetics the pricing is fine and its a choice, i love them /quote

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    0.0 hrs last two weeks / 841.5 hrs on record (840.0 hrs at review time)

    Posted: 9 Nov, 2021 @ 5:59am

    Updated: 10 Nov, 2021 @ 1:18pm

    I am the guild leader of one of the last standing OCE/SEA guilds in this game and also one of the highest DPS/Healing Bards.

    Publishers (GameForge) of this game are a let down, there is a disconnect of understanding between them and the players and also they do not appear to have an understanding of how to keep their own game alive and what is best for the game.

    BAD TRANSLATION - They did a poor job in translating the game, including skills and stats which leaves players confused on how to maximise/optimise each class, this is quite important due to end game raid content being extremely difficult (DPS checks, mechanic checks, enrage timers, etc). There is literally no guide or tutorial for so many things in this game that people have had to go and translate Chinese content (e.g. the card game, skill rotations, stat guides) and GAMEFORGE have not fixed or addressed any of it to this date.

    LACK OF CONTENT - The same content was released 4 times (4 different difficulty levels) from Launch until end of 2021, it was difficult to ask the players to re-do the same content over and over and over and over again, on 4 different difficulty modes with a weekly reset, leaving nothing much else to grind or to do during the week, any grinding you do doesn't really mean all that much because you could be doing TOP DPS and if 2 people in your party died then it's a wipe.

    PUNISHING PROGRESSION - No matter how good you are in this game you need an optimised/good static group in order to progress into the most difficult content, if 1-2 people die too early or miss a mechanic it means the entire party/raid wipes. There is no way for top/hardcore players to grind and carry the lower players, meaning this game is very limiting when it comes to trying to find a nice MMORPG to play with your friends/girlfriend who may not be an experienced player. Even if the lower skilled players spent time grinding this game, it would not help them progress with end game content, the elixirs and food do not make that much of a difference for survivability but rather just increase your total DPS by 5-10%. Enrage timers means that if a few people die, you have to wipe, there is no other choice. Without OCE/SEA servers it makes it even more difficult and punishing for progression.

    DIFFICULT PROGRESSION WITHOUT POPULATION/ACTIVE GUILD - The player base has become so low in this game that it would often take people 1-2 hours just to find a group for content (current to November 2021), even if you did find a group, content is so punishing that you would most likely fail, not due to your own skill but because of others.

    LIMITING CONTENT/CLASSES - This game already has 2 years worth of content out in China and TW servers, with this knowledge people are aware of the other classes and are waiting for them, this means that a lot of people find it completely useless to play this game at the moment because they will be investing their time for a class which they don't plan on playing long term. Lots of people have quit because they are just waiting on the new classes.

    The limiting content part is disappointing, there's so much more content accessible yet the publisher has decided to drip feed content and have repetitive (4x difficulties per raid) raids, the content has become so stale and it's boring to play, understandable if new content was under development but it is literally already available and in control of the developers.

    EXPENSIVE COSMETICS - Cosmetic clothing items in this game literally cost more than real life clothing, I'm not sure where GameForge was going with this but it portays them as money hungry and greedy, whereas the microtransations approach probably would have made them a lot more money.

    This game has SO MUCH potential if issues above are addressed correctly however the publisher just don't get it and the player base are aware of the lack of passion and care from Gameforge, if the games own publisher doesn't care, why would it's player base?

    The game = 9/10 (SO MUCH POTENTIAL)

    The publisher = 1/10 (Hasn't put in the effort and essentially killed the game)

    Three additional things (excluding everything I mentioned above) the publisher needs to do quickly if they want the game to survive:

    1) Release all 3 new classes

    2) Release 6 to 12 months more content

    3) Make the game free to play to increase server population

    I hope this game survives.

  • Free2Play has failed. The game is as good as dead.


    Bad game design!

    - Holy trinity doesn't work (in the west). Currently, you can't run the 210 raids due to a lack of tanks and healers. A problem befalling many MMOs yet this doesn't seem to concern MMO developers. Hour long waiting for nothing is frustrating. Apparently, many players have to compensate something by playing DPS instead of the paths that are in demand. Moreover, many seem to fear the responsibility you have as tank or healer. Or they are fed up of being insulted in chat if something goes wrong.

    - Why are there no additional rewards for tanks and healers? Although, in the end, it would only lead to greedy people assuming the role of tanks and healers.

    - ALT-unfriendly game. Secondary characters are apparently not wanted. Final Fantasy XIV does at least this right.

    - Time pressure. To reach parity with China, the content is released faster. If you haven't luck with gear, the others will only play the new stuff and you won't find groups anymore for older content. Apparently, many players don't need gold or reputation. New players lose interest in the game if they can't advance further.

    - For a casual MMO, there are too many weeklys. In China, players have more time to collect reputation, gold and resources.

    - Toxic community. No manners, no patience, no cooperation. It's fascinating what kind of humans a cultivation MMO attracts.

    - The Google translate translation, the bad marketing and the technical flaws (several second long high ping, FPS problems) too are not helpful in making the game more popular.

    The same problems were apparent at the end of version 1 and nothing seems to have been learnt from it or these problems are not as severe in China as in the West. SOLO is doomed.
    If I don't get my version reward (only 1 point missing, but you can't run anything anymore), then I will see this as a sign to spend my free time differently.