UX Replayability for the West

  • One of the biggest downfalls in Swords of Legends, apart from its atrocious parody of voice acting, is its replayability factor as an MMORPG. The game, in its base state, was designed to be built around the idea of "Play the game quickly, as you don't have much time, due to subscription time. Let's respect your time." Sort of ideal. Great, fantastic. However, this system was built around the monetization of a format that requires players to be subscribed or pay for their time (let's say $10 a month for time in China, so you can access the game for x amount of hours). This doesn't work in the West, given that it is, A. Free to Play, B. No subscription service required and C. We have unlimited time to play the game.

    My proposition is as follows:

    Rebuilding the replayability factor for players that wish to continue to do dungeons / raids, so that they can feel like it's worth it. Currently, you have the "One and Done" system, finish your Daily Dungeon or your Weekly Dungeon / Raid, and that's it. Even going back does not reward you. This time gating is very unattractive and one of the major reasons why players tend to not play further than the first couple of days.

    My proposition is this, in order to preserve the current climate of the game, being able to provide crafting materials or a special token, let's call it the Saru Token, that will drop per boss. Said tokens can be taken to an NPC that would get a store (reusing an old NPC, such as Qin League Merchant, with a new option for a store would be simple enough) where you can then purchase materials or crafting items that would have dropped normally from the dungeons / raids. A simple material could cost 1 token, where as a Gear Box could cost 3-9 tokens (ensuring that players need to continue to run the content in order to be able to get their extra chances at loot).

    This again is just a simple solution, in an ideal world you'd just allow the drops to be endless and we could run as much as our hearts can allow, but I'm trying to work in the realm of possibility.

    I think this ideal would increase the overall user experience, and allow for the game to up its DAU (Daily Active Users) numbers and retain them as well.

  • Agreed. Not only would this help increase concurrent player numbers, it would also create incentive to help other players complete their various activities. Could add some cosmetic items to that proposed shop as well, in order to appeal to a wider range of players.

    Edit: In addition to dungeons, these tokens could also be applied to weekly Training Against Demons world bosses and Turquoise Lantern world bosses. So the first kill would complete the weekly, and any additional kill would drop a token. Maybe once daily to be reasonable.
    Because at the moment, if you don't get these weeklies done on reset day, it's extremely difficult to do any other day since nobody is running them.

    As for the first point: Please make the Chinese voice acting the default setting + create a window prompt to inform players of their voice acting options.
    PLEASE. For the sake of the game's reputation (and my sanity), I AM BEGGING YOU. ||

  • Hope Gameforce saves the game, or else... playerbase goes down to 100 below, gg and bye :(

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  • Additional gear from the shop - hell no!!!!

    Bonus vanity items - YES PLEASE!!

    To make it correctly you cannot give top ilvl gear, because you will end up with premades running content over and over again on a single day and instead of logging in once per week to clear everything, people would log in once per patch and grind.

    Vanity item would be a nice reward for people doing additional runs.

    But again, there would have to be strict requirements for this system. Like having in party at least 1 player that didnt clear this week / day to avoid premades abusing.

  • I agree with this. The goal is to incentivize players to do more activities (on a regular basis) beyond just the daily/weekly quests and dungeons - rather than to provide another means of progressing faster all in one go.

    Vanity items would definitely be the safest way to go and would appeal to the most players regardless of gear level.
    However, I do think crafting materials and (2ND highest tier) gear boxes could work (additionally)- ONLY if there is a reasonable weekly purchase limit on them. So it would be like another supplemental catch-up mechanic.

  • Gameforge just put the money in the wrong place from the beginning on. Instead of making a really good transition to the west - aka good synchro voices ect. - they all pumped it into marketing with huge ads everywhere incl. YT and TV ads.

    Now this beautiful game is falling flat on it's face.

    I give it maintance mode for the next few years and Gameforge will just move on to the next big thing (and most likely ruining that as well). This is how Gameforge has operated for so long with so many MMOs and it probs won't change any in the future. (Modus operandi. Nothing ever changes)

    This game has zero replayability because no one wants to go through the long drawn out quests that are always repeating. Not Gameforges fault but it could be made more enjoyable by Gameforge with better and esp. more balanced syncro voices. (The audio balance alone is absolutely atrocious. Did the audio mixer ever listen to any of the dialogue?) There are still plenty of voice lines not translated at all and so on and so forth.

    There is so much that could be fixed by Gameforge but they probably don't want to put in the effort if no money comes out of it anyway.

  • In my oppinion, the game eats enough time as it is. It's supposed to be a game that respects our time, but if you want to collect ressources, reputation and the like, you have enough to do. If you are not unemployed, this can be quite much especially if you have a secondary character.
    What I would really desire is the following:
    Tie reputation, quest status and biographies to the account. This way, raising twinks (to combat the lack of tanks/healer ingame or to witch classes because some were heavily nerfed like the summoner and deathbringer) would feel less punitive.
    Or better: let us convert our main characters spare gear to that of our twink's classes.