What I Like and What I Don't Like After 400 Hours

  • First of all, thank you for making the game free-to-play. Even tho I wanted to play it when it released, buy-to-play model was a turn off for me because I wouldn't know if I would enjoy it or not. Now the barrier to try out the game is very minimal. I downloaded the game from Steam as soon as it went free-to-play.

    After 400+ hours of playing, I'm happy to tell that I enjoy it so far. I didn't have high expectations or anything. I just expected it to have better story presentation and to have better microtransactions than the MMO I played before this. Generally the game is what I expected.

    What I like:

    • Combat system. MMO with combat system other than action is auto-skip for me. This one has action combat, so it's good. Also, I'm not locked with 1 play style in 1 class. It's nice variety of combat there.
    • Activities. Many things to do for new players. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I like Treasure Hunting and collecting stuff. Also the Leisureland activities... good stuff. Feels like I play Nintendo games. It's a nice change of pace kinda thing.
    • Not very grindy. So far, I don't do much grinding but I still get some progress to my characters. I'm a bit tired with grindy games, so this game is a breath of fresh air for me.
    • Social. This game has so many stuff for social interactions. Emotes, friend quests, sworn friend, mentor & apprentice quests, etc... it's like.. daym... I don't have friends to do all those stuff even tho I like them... sadge
    • Character slots. I'm really happy with how the character slots work. All are unlocked, no need to buy slots. I'm the type of MMO player who doesn't main one class. Because it's boring for me. Glad I can play all class easily without being gated by paywall. I wonder why Spirit Warrior and Crystal Warrior count as one tho. They have different gameplay. This made me deleted my loli warrior to make room for Bard.
    • Housing system. Mind blowing... nuff said.
    • Armor designs. Normal armor that can get in-game has design as good as cash shop outfit. As a matter of fact, the outfits that I want are mostly from imprinting normal armor, class exclusive armor or from prestige. Those can't be bought using real money. It's weird, but I like it. It gives me reason to play more.
    • Outfit is not bound to single character. This is one of the major issues I had with MMOs I played. Outfits bound to single character irritated me. If I want to delete that character it means I'll lose the items that I've spent money for. Here is not the case. Thankfully...
    • Visual. It's beautiful even tho not as great as some popular Korean MMOs out there, but it's good enough. Looking forward to the UE4 update.
    • Story presentation. The story is a little bit weird for me. It's because I'm not used to Chinese fantasy game story. This is the first one for me. I'll get used to it eventually. But how the story is presented, with cutscenes and my character in there interacting, that make me hooked. This is the thing that I didn't get from the MMO that I played before.
    • Microtransactions. I pray to God that He would prepare a great place in heaven for the devs of this game. It's lovely, it's sweet, it's like a love letter. Zero pay-to-win, no pay-for-convenience, no booster items in cash shop is really something. Very rare nowadays. Especially in MMO genre. High praise for the devs.

    What I don't like:

    • Audio mixing. This game has audio balancing issue. The volume can be so low in certain parts and suddenly high in some cutscenes. Also some ambience, music and sound effects in cutscenes sound so low it makes the scene less impactful sometimes. And why there are still some cutscenes that have English voice even tho I use Chinese voice? It's breaking the immersion.
    • English dub. This is also one of the major issues. I heard people said the English dub is not good so I chose Chinese voice from the beginning, and it's Chinese fantasy so it's natural if I use it for more immersive experience. But I've tried English dub in one of my playthrough and it was unbearable.
    • Time gated content. This might work fine in China with how the business model and play time restrictions there, but for global audience and free-to-play model we have now, it probably won't work. I have mixed feeling about this actually. Sometimes I'm fine with it, and sometimes it annoys me. I want to play the game at my own pace. But with this scheduled content, I can't play certain activities whenever I want and whenever I have time.
    • Slow land mount. It takes long to summon, can't be summoned while moving, and has slow movement. It's pretty much useless other than for cosmetic show off.
    • Story quest gated in an instance with no solo mode or practice mode. I understand that the devs wanted the players to have interactions with other players. But the problem is, certain story quests require players to play old instances that have no incentive for old players to replay those. This makes matchmaking and finishing the quest is nearly impossible.
    • Mentor & Apprentice quest can't be canceled. I have a mentor for one of my characters who still has this quest unfinished so I can't clear my apprentice quest with that mentor. It iritates me when I see an unfinished quest in my log and can't do anything about it. I want to know if there's a work around for this.
    • Performance issue. This has been the issue since the beginning. People said it's because of the engine that they use. I'm not a really technical person so i can't comment much about it but it does annoy me sometimes. It's still playable for me for most of the time but for some people this could make them quit the game prematurely.
    • Partial controller support. I play games using controller full time. I struggle a little bit in this game. I had to emulate a lot of things through Steam controller config. Using keyboard is very hard to me and my back hurt so much.
    • The elitists. I'm a new player and met a lot of players like this in the game. Sometimes what they do and treat other players in dungeon turn me off. It makes me tilted and want to just close the game. But thank god I'm a persistent person so I keep playing. Some people might just quit entirely because of this. It's not the game's fault, it's more about the community. There's a saying in my other game's community, "The endgame is about veterans helping out new players". Hope I can find it here.

    Improvements that I think the game needs:

    • Performance. Of course, it's the number one issue. It's gonna be a while until the UE4 update and might get performance boost. Hope I still play it by then.
    • English dub and better translation overall. New players who prefer English voice will spend a lot of times here. If their first impression is bad, they might leave, uninstall and never come back. So, re-record everything with better voice acting or delete it entirely, or make Chinese voice as default because it's the better way to enjoy the game for now.
    • Audio mixing. Please play through everything and you can see(or hear) a lot of things need to be fixed.
    • Remove time gate in all content. Let us play at our own pace and as much as we want. This way matchmaking will be easier because more players can play the game longer.
    • Revamp the older instances that are required to clear some story quests. Either give them story mode, practice mode like the lowest level ones or at least make Battle Companions available. Can make the normal rewards from these instances unavailable in story mode. Basically just to make them not heavily dependent on other players if it's only to clear story quests. Still challenging but viable for solo. Or, it would be better to just revamp the rewards and make them available in cultivation menu to give incentive for older players to replay these instances.
    • Make land mount runs faster, faster to summon, and can be summoned while the character is moving.
    • Make tutorial pop-ups can be turned off. I don't know how to turn this off. It's annoying sometimes.
    • Full controller support.

    Those are things that I have in mind. My opinion, it's subjective. Overall the game is not great but also not bad. But I enjoy it. I don't care if people say it's dead game bla bla bla... I play it regardless. Sorry if my English is a bit broken.