Release schedule

  • Raid content release schedule is going crazy.

    Please start considering people that are playing game right now, not those who ask for more content and dont even play the game.

    Current content release schedule will only make even more hardcore raiding groups to burn out.

    Many groups have not cleared Taihua hard mode yet. Many groups still have troubles with Langquan hard.

    And instead of giving players more time to get better gear, more time to get more familiar with boss mechanics, just 1 week after releasing Taihua hard, extreme mode raids are getting released.

    With Langquan and Taihua hard mode releases, groups aiming for week 1 clears, were forced to enter it while having about 10ilvl below recommended.

    Even now, after clearing Taihua hard, most people are below 200 ilvl - which is RECOMMENDED to enter Taihua hard.

    And with below 200 ilvl, we will be entering Extreme raids, which are supposed to be scaled for 210ilvl? Once again about 10ilvl below recommended?

    Recommended vs actual ilvl difference make raids close to impossible for more casual players.

    Think about time investment required to clear content.

    Progression time for hard raids was probably about 4h for both, Langquan and Taihua, where just Taihua last boss took about 1.5h.

    And this is the time required to clear newest content for more experienced players. For players, that perform on highest level. For players that did this content before on CN/TW server.

    This is the time required to progress 4 bosses. While beside those 4h of progression, groups also needed around 1-2h to clear previous raid for more gear.

    Right now we are getting 2 Extreme raids on once.

    Only 1 week after Hard mode Taihua release.

    Even keeping the same progression time required, those most experienced players will need about 2h to clear hard mode raids and on top of that 8h (or probably more) of progression for Extreme raids. So this will be either 2 very long and exhausting sessions, or 3-4 raiding sessions.

    Where in this are casual players? Probably stuck in normal mode raids.

    Why? Because experienced players have no more will to help them, to teach them, because they are exhausted after constant raiding with their statics and progressing new bosses.

    I myself, at the start of 2.0 when we only had normal mode Taihua, was helping a lot of casual groups, doing about 5 full langquan clears a week.

    Right now, i don't care anymore. I don't have time and will to care about casual players, because i need to focus on progressing new content.

    I wont even mention about people looking for doing achievements for title or mount. With this release schedule, they will complete them during 3.0 patch when they'll be able to do this entire content with 3 people.

    Please, start to think about people that are playing the game currently, instead of those few who only ask for more content but don't even play.

    Start to think about players effort and time requirement that this schedule creates.

    I though this title is supposed to be casual friendly. So give players time to actually get gear and clear content before releasing new one.

  • Also it's so hard to catch up to lvl195 since they still only give you 2 pieces (3 if ur lucky) a week when lvl210 gear is already out for like 3 weeks. But then again the season is also almost over, so whats the point anyways... pfffft

    Why couldn't they just make taihua drop on each boss like langquan.

  • I fully agree. New content gets released too fast. As you want to catch up with China and therefore are not going to slow down, you have to increase the guaranteed item drops (and money and resources as Chinese have more time and opportunities for gathering).
    Besides, it would be a good idea if social minded players (the ones that play supporter) get extra drops as they have two paths they need to equip (My summoner heal needs mastery gear for DPS and haste for healer).
    By the way, Taihua is horrible. One player once got 0 items! ~2 hours for nothing! Last week, I got one useless part I already had twice. The week before, 4 items and only 1 was useful. If players can't reach 195, then you don't need to release 210 raids.