Swords of Legends Online: Beta 1 Overview

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    The Closed Beta is coming ever closer and we figured you might want something to read while your pre-download of the game client is running!

    As a reminder:

    • Our first beta period runs from 21.05. - 25.05.
    • Servers are planned to open at 2pm CEST / 8am EDT / 5am PDT

    The following servers will be available depending on your region:

    • North America Server “US1 – Haocang”
    • European Server “EU1 – Jiangdu”

    In the following link, you can find a rough summary of all features available in the beta and subsequently at launch: PDF Link here

    The pre-download is already available, so if you haven't done so already start it up and we will see you on Friday!

    The SOLO Team

  • Adjustments and Fixes

    • Fixed a bug blocking the higher levels of some skills within the ALPHA. In our BETA 1 build, these will now be attainable.
    • The difficulty of the dungeons "Chou Prison" and "Raging River Ruins" has been increased (for their 'Hard' versions). Regular enemies got a significant damage increase, while Bosses got a moderate increase of their HP and ATK values.
    • We've added various Tutorials that will introduce life skills to players one by one (at various stages of the game).
    • Keyboard Shortcut Settings for German and French players adapted to fit their keyboard layout.
    • Various UI Elements have been adjusted ahead of the announced timeframe ("Create an Alliance"-Screen, Skill Tooltips, Character Menu, etc).
    • Dragon Turtle Island - Gold of the Four Seas Event is now accessible through the portal in Cloudrise (when it's active)
    • Questions in the Instance Training Quiz are now localized.

    Under Investigation

    • Levelling progressing is the same in BETA 1 as in ALPHA - this is under review and currently scheduled for the earliest BETA 2.
    • Character Naming Rules are not final yet and will be adjusted further.
  • Known issue:

    • We are aware of the issues with the Spearmaster class zone and instanced tutorial, which may prevent players from progressing.
      This issue will be addressed for Beta 2 phase and we are sorry for the inconveniences.