[How to] Contacting the Support

  • Introduction

    Sometimes you might encounter a problem in-game or on the forum and require assistance. Usually, common issues or questions can be answered on the forum or on our discord. However, more complicated issues requires a more in-depth look, usually from those experienced in the category at hand. In such a case, you will have to contact us via our Ticket system.

    Link: https://solo.support.gameforge.com/


    In order to contact us via our Ticket system, you'll need to create a support account. Click on register.


    In the next windows you enter your:

    • Nickname
    • Email address
    • Password

    Tip Enter your email address you are using for your Gameforge account.

    After registering you will get an email send to your entered email address, which needs to be confirmed.

    Adding additional email addresses

    It is possible to add additional email addresses to your support account (it is useful for when you play other Gameforge games with a different email address). In order to do so, log into your support account, click on Manage email addresses and then click on Add email address.


    Now you can enter additional email addresses, which should be added to your support account. As with the original registered email address, an email will be sent to the email address you're trying to add. As with the original email address, this one will need to be confirmed as well.

    :!:The link is only valid for 24 hours.

    Writing a ticket

    If you are logged in switch to the tab Contact support.

    There you can choose one of the following categories:

    • Game
    • Board
    • Payment

    Afterwards describe your issue(s) as detailed as possible. Screenshots or even videos can help us identify and fix the issue(s) you're experiencing.

    :!:Tickets in the category game and payment will be exclusively answered by Gameforge employees. They work from Monday to Friday.

    Tickets in the category "Board" can be answered by both Gameforge employees and the members of the board team. So getting an answer on a weekend is quite possible, although more likely to be from the board team than a Gameforge employee.


    Aelynthi and Korin - thank you for proofreading!