Community Manager Change

  • I'll admit I wasn't entirely sure where to post this!

    Technically I am only and primarily the german Community Manager, but given my presence on streams many in the international SOLO-community will have atleast some knowledge of my oversized nose, so I didn't want to keep this entirely confined to the german corner.

    Sooo, uh. Yeah! As you might have read in the title, the position of german CM will soon be held by someone else.

    Over the next two weeks I will be handing off my tasks and internal processes to him and slowly fade from view.

    The english community will remain with Fossilo, who continues to be a wonderful dude.

    This certainly isn't something I do lightly, in fact the decision has been a bittersweet one for me. SOLO was the first game I accompanied from the very early stages of planning, to the exciting pre-release and beta times, to full release and many many patches afterwards. For me this journey started in the early summer of 2020 when I got the news I'd be working on the project, and ending it now, almost 2 1/2 years later, feels like a very scary and big step. Likely because it is!

    Nonetheless, there's a big ol' world of challenges and choices out there and I want to see more of it! So I'm shifting around to a new role to tackle some new tasks and hopefully learn and grow further. Maybe I'll come guest-star on a stream sometime, if they'll have me.

    It has been nothing short of a pleasure, Immortals!

    I hope to see some of you on the road and if not, then for one last time: Archer when?

    Take care of yourselves!