Patch notes: Version 2.1.13

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    Clash Over Divine Waters (Faith of Danschant) – Easy, Normal

    The Shenshui Village suffered an unprecedentedly strong attack. Even though Lanxi urgently contacted the imperial capital and Feixi, the armies could not reach them in time. Shenshui's village head, Kuchu, then entered a pact with the White Dragon River God and other gods, who created a mighty Protective Circle. The enemy's collision with the Protective Circle was so violent that it created a tear in space and time. A few unwelcome guests slipped through the tear into this world.

    Haocang was apparently spotted in Cloudrise recently, so Baiqian sets off on reconnaissance. Something very strange is afoot. You decide to go with her.

    Find Baiqian in the Dragonstar District to pick up the quest.

    Normal Mode:

    • Opens Thursday, September 15th at 12pm
    • Group Size: 10 to 20 Players
    • Drops Lvl 255 Equipment amongst other rewards
    • Weekly reset on Thursday

    Easy Mode:

    • Opens Sunday, September 18th at 12pm
    • Group Size: 10 to 20 Players
    • Weekly reset on Sunday


    Battle Pass

    Season 10 of the Battle Pass arrives September 15th with a new selection of cosmetic items to unlock!

    The new season token for the Premium Pass can be purchased in the Shop.

    Known Issues

    Translation missing on Timeless dance gift Items