Discounted Costumes and Hairstiles!

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    Whether you prefer plain colours and minimalist patterns, or have more exotic tastes for intricately embellished robes, we have just the ouftits you’re looking for, all with a hairstyle to match! ‘Dawn of the Golden Season’ is our motto in the Crimson Coin Shop this week, with an array of gorgeous offerings to kit out your immortal heroes in new threads. There’s also a decorative item for your residence. Visit the shop today, as all the following items are discounted until 29th September!

    Costume Variations

    The heroes of Shenzhou are waiting to greet the coming golden season in these exciting costumes. Which will you choose for your character? For men and women:

    • Friends in the Distance
    • Moonglow
    • Morning Mist
    • Play with Wind and Shadow (women only)
    • Clouds and River (men only)


    For all body types:

    • Earthly Prince
    • Lord of Twilight
    • Lord of Darkness
    • Lord of the Mists


    If you’ve been eyeing up these blonde hairstyles in the Crimson Coin Shop for a while, then now is the time to make the leap – they’re the perfect accompaniment to the costumes above:

    • Maple Breeze (for men)
    • Large Golden Feathers (for women and girls)
    • Morning Light (for all body types)

    Housing Items

    Pick up this mysterious chest being guarded by four toads. In Chinese mythology, the toad is a symbol of wealth, fortune and long life. But some also have an evil spirit. Decide for yourself how visitors to your residence should interpret this decoration.

    • Diorama: Golden Toad